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15 Again: A Makeup & Outfit OTD

Good morning!

How’s everyone doing today? What are we doing today? I’m listening to the San Junipero soundtrack and crying. So it goes.

Sharing with you a lil makeup and outfit of the day on this beautiful July day. This was on a cooler day than today, otherwise I would be sweating my butt off. Especially because I was sat in a car for two hours on this day! Okay, maybe I still sweat my butt off. So it goes.

Does the title confuse you? Yeah, me too. Just kidding; I wrote it. Want some context?

Basically, I’ve never really fallen into a particular clothing “style”. You may have seen this already from the eclectic range I’ve provided for you on this here blog. And by “eclectic range” I mean, “mish-mash of no taste”.

I’m always envious of people who have true style, their own look. You know? The ones who you are always going to know what variation of something they’ll be wearing, and who rock their look down to a tee. I think the closest I am to this is “black leggings”.
Look, I’m basic. I fucking love a pair of black leggings. Once I stopped giving a shit about whether I was “too fat” to wear them, I realised the comfort I had been denying myself for years. You know? Cos fat girls are meant to look either ultra femme or ultra butch. We can’t put on sweatpants and messy buns and have it be a lewk like the skinny folks can.

Anyway. There was a time before that in-betweeny I hate my body time and now where I didn’t care what I looked like and just wore what I like. I guess back then there would be times I would try to conform in my own way, some ways I wanted to be like my friends and my sister, and other ways in which I didn’t want to be like anyone. So sometimes I had some weird outfits. But there was an overall go-to for me: a band/rock-looking tee with jeans and converse.

That’s what I thought made me look cool. Do you wanna see how desperately uncool I was?


There you are. Bask in me in my weird 15 year-old glory. I’m also wearing tights under those jeans. Lord knows why.

Anyway that’s the context. I never did fine that one style, and now I’m kind of coming to terms with that. Much like my music taste, I can never settle for listening to one thing exclusively, I’m trying to not look one way exclusively.

I’ve talked too much. Here we go.

IMG_3554 copy

I’m gonna be real with you here guys: I genuinely think I’ve had these converse since I was about 15 too. If you don’t wear them every day, these shoes fucking last mate. Well, for me they have. My husband has big ole size 12 feet and he walks out Converse in 3 months.

Top | Leggings are Primark | Shoes (this colour isn’t sold anymore tho) | Phone case

The one thing that is different compared to being 15, is being able to actually do half-decent makeup (though I still can’t do my hair).

IMG_3567 copy

IMG_3574 copy

IMG_3575 copy

Base | Contour | Blush | Highlight | Brows | Eyes | Mascara | Lips

And there you have it. Here’s my 26 year-old attempt at recapturing a little “don’t fuck with me” attitude of over a decade ago. And I didn’t even look like that all the time. I wish I had looked like this when I was 15.

What did you look like when you were 15? How has your style changed? Let me know!

Until next time 😉

IMG_3569 copy

<<Rawr means I love you in dinosaur>>
(any old scene kids in the house?)



Makeup & Outfit of the Day 04.05.2017

Today I have a post which is actually from a few days ago now which I haven’t had the opportunity to get up yet, and is my makeup and outfit of the day on a day when I wanted to look a lil nicer than usual, but still comfy.


In case you were not aware, my optimal state is comfort, and I will always opt for that where I can in my clothing choices. Leggings are almost always the go-to for me, something that I would have never expected to happen several years ago, when size 12 me would say “I’m too fat to wear leggings as trousers!” … well, fuck that. They’re comfy as hell and also, while we’re on the subject, there’s no such thing as “too fat to wear”. Wear what you want, when you want. (/fat positivity rant for the day).

So on this particular day we have a khaki zara basics tee, I believe the leggings are Goldigga, some platform velour slip-ons from Topshop, choker from an old Marzia box, and earrings my sister made. All are perfectly accessorised by my favourite Skinny Dip phone case.


On to makeup!

IMG_0801 copy.jpg

I believe I’m in a weird minority of people who choose their makeup before their clothes most days. I pick whatever colour I feel like putting near my face, then whatever clothes. Sometimes they match, sometimes they don’t.

I was playing about with my Urban Decay XX Reloaded palette on this day (and yes, I know it always seems to be this palette, but I’m skint and can’t afford new makeup all the time okay? T_T), and the main colours we have going on here are Acid Rain, Mildew and Moonflower. It was not until after the entire process I realised my eyes were reminiscent of an over-ripe avocado.

Also, I’m really struggling with the photo above as it’s an angle I absolutely hate, but I’m trying to get over things like that. It’s my face.

IMG_0810 copy.jpg

Here I am looking fierce and pretending I’m serving LEWKS when really it’s the sun getting in my eyes. Also wow, look how truly terrible my hair is looking as I try to grow out this fringe. Is that a speck of dandruff I see? Iconic.

IMG_0813 copy

Ah, that’s better. Looking a bit cuter and Bambi-eyed here. Can you tell I have nothing to talk about today? It’s all commentary on my face. I’ll give you some product rundowns instead okay? And yes, I’m still working through the last of non-vegan products so there will be stuff here that’s not cruelty-free and so I won’t be linking.

Max Factor Primer
Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation (42 Light Neutral)
Maybelline Matte Maker Powder (Classic Ivory)
Model Co Countour Stick
Barry M Get Up & Glow palette (no longer available but looks almost identical to this new one)
Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter (no longer available)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay XX Reloaded palette
Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade (Medium Brown)
L’Oreal Brow Master Brow Mascara
MDMflow Lipstick (Bossy)
Rodial Glamolash Mascara

And here’s a before and after for you. Please try not to scream.

IMG_0792IMG_0811 copy

And that’s it for now folks. Peace out and have an awesome rest of your weekend.

Kirsten xo

Makeup & Outfit of the Day 02.05.2017

Hello lovelies. Today I have a quick MOTD post for you from yesterday, where I got a bit carried away with the pink end of the spectrum.

One of my new goals is to give you guys a bit more of an honest look into my life. Often lifestyle bloggers will do MOTD and OOTD posts, and they consistently look like perfection, but for someone who does this and is also a stay at home mum… well, that’s not always the case. You’ll see that below. Well, at least my makeup is pretty good?

IMG_0674 copy

You’ll have to excuse the rest of my appearance, please! I actually didn’t leave the house yesterday, and despite having nice makeup, the rest of me was a mess!

My favourite bit about this look was probably the highlighter, which is actually Urban Decay eyeshadow Roadstripe, which is a perfect white/purple duochrome I’m in love with (peep that cupid’s bow highlight tho)! Roadstripe is no longer sold individually, but mine comes from the XX Reloaded palette.

IMG_0679 copy

Messy hair, don’t care.

Yes, as you can see, I have accessorised my makeup with an old jumper, unwashed hair I’ve thrown into a bun, and my glasses which… well, they’re necessary to see.

IMG_0681 copy

Oh yeah, you probably haven’t seen my new glasses. These are some Specsavers one I got discounted for ridiculously cheap and I love them. They totally weren’t inspired by any anime characters or anything like that either… (ahem.)


Outfit highlights include this old marl grey jumper, no bra, and my old ripped jeans you’ll have seen posts of me wearing everywhere last year but now have a massive tear up the side of.


Sometimes, this is just my life. Sometimes I don’t even put makeup on or get out of my PJs.

#mumlife #depressionlife XD

Kirsten xo

ULTRAVIOLET: An Urban Decay-Inspired Makeup Look

Hello fellow makeup lovers, and if you’re in the UK, I hope you had a marvellous bank holiday!

Today I’m sharing with you something that… just sort of happened… one day when I was bored and watching Sherlock (okay, both of those things admittedly are a frequent occurrence). It’s typical isn’t it? On a day you’re not actually doing anything or going anywhere your makeup just decides to be sort of fantastical, and then when you want it to be amazing nothing decides to work out.

Well, maybe that doesn’t happen to a lot of you, but it certainly happens to me in this period of my life where I’m towing the line between being “normal” and “quite good” at makeup… I can’t guarantee that it will be mindblowing every day.

So anyway, I was sat at my desk watching Sherlock as background noise and scrolling tumblr and thought, ‘maybe I could do something marginally more productive?’… and I also wanted to play about a bit more with my new Vice palette, so just went for it.

This is the result.

IMG_1866 copy

As you can see, the colours I was drawn to were the ones that are synonymous with Urban Decay as a brand; those duochrome purples and blues… and it’s no surprise that they work so well together and just from the one palette.

IMG_1877 copy

This whole look took me pretty much the entirety of The Blind Banker to achieve… that’s an hour and a half for you non-BBC-Sherlockians 😛

One of the things that struck me when I did this (because I’ve never really done a look like this before) is that the overall look does not look as dark and panda-eyed as I was expecting it to be when working with the shadows. I just blended, blended, blended and blended some more and that technique seems to have worked out pretty well. So yeah, working on the blend is important!

As I mentioned, all the shadows used were from the newest Vice palette:

IMG_1663 copy

I mainly used Asphyxia and Freakshow as a base for the colour I was trying to achieve, then blended in a fair amount of 501 to deepen the crease and give more of the blue colour to it. However the real star of the show that I think lifts this whole look is Roadstripe.

As I have spoken about in my review of this palette, Roadstripe appears in pan to be white, but has a petrol-y blue duochrome to it. I have used Roadstipe here patted onto the centre of my lids, on the inner corners of my eyes, and a little on the centre of my lips as well. I won’t continue to rave about it today, but I really do love this colour because it’s just so… ethereal.

IMG_1865 copy

Here’s the products I used altogether:

Max Factor Facefinity Primer | Nyx Color Correcting Concealer Palette | Revlon Colorstay Concealer [Fair] | No7 Instant Radiance Foundation [Calico] | Max Factor Crème Puff PowderBarry M Get up & Glow Palette  | No7 Instant Radiance HighlighterMakeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter [Golden Lights] | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade [Medium Brown] | Billion Dollar Brows Duo Brow Pencil | L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper [Dark] | Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion [Original] | Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded [Asphyxia, Freakshow, 501, Roadstripe] | Maybelline Master Precise Liner [Black] | Icona Milano Waterproof Mascara | Avon Lipstick that I shouldn’t be using anymore because it’s very old! [This looks like a good dupe]


This feels like a step in the right direction on my makeup journey… what do you guys* think?

Kirsten xo

*I just wanna take a sec to point out that I use the term “guys” completely gender-neutrally. I’ve become aware that I use that phrase a lot and I have seen in other online spaces that it might offend some, but I never use it to specify gender. If any of you ever interact with me, I will do my upmost to make sure I am using the correct pronouns for you, and please let me know if I fuck up and call me out! ❤

Too Faced Melted Lipstick: A Review

So, I’ve had a couple of posts up since the day, but if you read my Birthday Wishlist post, then you may know that it has recently been my birthday!

Well, it was 5 days ago now but I was waiting to get some other backed up stuff out so I could present my birthday makeup. And – as my life usually goes –  the times when you want your makeup to go one way, it decides to go t’other.

But I’m a big girl. I’m… 26…. now. I can deal with the failures I have and move on.

My birthday makeup also provides me with the perfect excuse to post a review up on my first Too Faced Melted lipstick, which I have been wanting to try for aaaages.

(Here’s a better link for my UK peeps – the Too Faced shipping here is INSANE)

IMG_1667 copy

I opted for the shade ‘Fig’, as I thought it looked like a really lovely dusky rose-come-plum colour, and I absolutely love those vintagey kind of shades.

(Aside: I always feel weird calling makeup ‘vintage’ when describing a colour, but you guys know what I mean, right?)

I did swatch this lipstick on receiving it over on my Snapchat (@kirakirst), and was surprised by how glossy it was. Obviously this lipstick kinda breaks the mould in other aspects as well: it’s a lipstick in what appears to be a lipgloss tube, it doesn’t have a doe-foot applicator, but a fluffy applicator directly on the head, and you squeeze the tube to release colour.

I hadn’t actually looked into how this lipstick applied, or its formula, so first application was all new to me. It applies like a liquid lipstick in that it’s a wet, pigmented formula on the lips, but it doesn’t completely dry like one. I guess that’s why I was surprised at its glossiness, though to be fair, it does state “long wear lipstick” and not “matte” or anything.

There was one thing I suspected when I opened this that I found to be true: it’s hard to apply directly due to the fluffy head. You know when you get a doe-foot liquid lipstick where the applicator is just a little too fuzzy and you can’t get a straight line? Yeah, that.

However, I’m still in love with it.

IMG_1746 copy

As suspected, I love the colour. It’s a muted pink-purple and I suspect it’s one of those colours that are just going to work on any skintone.

The pigmentation isn’t 100%. You’re not going to get a very INYOURFACE swipe of colour as you do with many matte liquid lipsticks, and I don’t really think that’s what it’s for anyway. I see this one more as an addition to my “normal” lipsticks, and maybe that’s where the name comes from? That it’s more like a melted version of a tube lipstick.

IMG_1742 copy

In terms of the wear, I have been really impressed.

My pictures here are from my birthday, but I have worn it on a couple of other occasions as well, and it lasts pretty well! On this day, I applied my makeup in the morning and went about my day, and was in the pub with friends until about 5pm that afternoon. I didn’t reapply it at all, however it had faded and I certainly could have done with another application. The faded-ness was not patchy, though: I don’t know if it’s specifically being because I chose a berry-like colour, but it left a nice little stain on my lips which meant that my lack of re-application hadn’t left me looking like a patchy mess.

IMG_1752 copy

My eye makeup was all from the Urban Decay Vice XX Ltd Reloaded palette in the colours Anonymous, Gash, Suspend, Moonstone and Goldmine.

IMG_1753 copy

All in all, I definitely would recommend the Melted range to others, but be aware of whether the formula is what you want and is right for you! In my experience, it is certainly a long-wear lipstick, but it is not a matte liquid lipstick.

Too Faced do actually have a range of Melted Mattes, which are not to be confused with this, however I haven’t tried them (yet!) and so couldn’t confirm whether they would be better for those who prefer a drier and more intense look.

They also have a range of Melted Metals, which I am sooooo attracted to right now, as we all know metal lipsticks are making a comeback – yay! Hello 90s!

What do you think? Have you tried the Melted range? How do you rate it?

Until next time 🙂

Kirsten xo



Pink & Green: A Makeup Look

Sometimes I get a bit carried away.

Sometimes I look down at my makeup, or an eyeshadow palette and pick up a brush before I even know what I’m doing.

Sometimes this is good. Sometimes this is bad.

And sometimes I end up with something that’s just obscure and I don’t know what to call it. This is one of those.

IMG_1688 copy.jpg

Last week I received my Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette, which you may have seen in this post. But when it came to doing my first look with it, I didn’t go for the neutrals in it, but dived head in with the colours which I thought were the prettiest.

IMG_1696 copy

I knew I wanted to use ‘Acid Rain’ in particular, as it’s one of my favourite colours in this palette, but I also got pretty caught up staring at ‘Hot Pants’ and after questioning for a bit whether I could do a pink and green look, thought “fuck it” and did it anyway.

I worked ‘Hot Pants’ and another pink colour from a MUR palette into my crease, and used ‘Acid Rain’ with a touch of ‘Mildew’ at the outer corners of my lid, then more ‘Acid Rain’ and ‘Mildew’ under my lower lash line. The colours look very muted, but I realised after I had done this that I completely forgot to put my Primer Potion on, which would have helped!

IMG_1694 copy

I also went a bit adventurous and ended up doing massive winged liner, which I actually did with MUR Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in You Took My Love. I haven’t done a brilliant job of this, but I think that comes from most of my winged liner practice being with felt tip liners as opposed to using gels with angled brushes.

IMG_1693 copy

On this day I was going to my stepmum’s house and thought I must have looked totally crazy, but my 11 year old sister was completely obsessed and couldn’t believe you could do a liner with lipstick!

Obviously this is not an everyday look for me, but one that is completely borne of experimentation. I really do like combining different products and colours to see what works well on me, as I’ve learned in the past that you can’t learn everything from YouTube!

Here’s the rundown of my products:

Max Factor Facefinity Primer | Revlon Colorstay Concealer [Fair] | Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation [42 Light] | Barry M Get up & Glow Palette  | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade [Medium Brown] | Makeup Revolution Parental Advisory Palette | Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded | Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer [You Took My Love] | Icona Milano Waterproof Mascara | The Balm Stainiac Lip and Cheek TintMax Factor Colour Elixir Lipgloss (Glossy Toffee)

IMG_1699 copy

Good, or bit not good?

Kirsten xo

Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Palette Review

Hello peeps!

Today I have something veeerrrry exciting to share with you: the new Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette! Now before this goes any further, I just want to point out that I am in no way affiliated with Urban Decay. This was a palette I got as a present for my birthday and all opinions expressed here and completely my own.

When my Mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I knew I was going to choose makeup, and specifically a palette. I had a few in mind that I was looking for, the others of which you can see in my Birthday Wishlist post. I deliberately left this one out of that post because I knew I was getting it, so here it is:

IMG_1660 copy

This is how the palette comes packaged. The palette is in a beautiful graphic printed box in the usual black and purple Urban Decay colours, and as you can see, the shape and size is the same as the other Vice palettes which have come before it.

IMG_1661 copy

The palette itself out of the box is stunning. It is a black matte case, with a textured jewelled “UD”, and literally the only slight problem that I have with the design is that fingerprints show up very easily on the black matte.

IMG_1662 copy

From this angle you can see how the jewelled logo sticks out, and also the button as was used in the original Vice palettes. This I find to be a really nice touch, as when you press it the palette opens on a spring, so there’s no faffing about.

The whole point of this palette was to celebrate 20 years of Urban Decay (hence the roman numerals “XX”), and so within the palette we have colours which throwback several years in Urban Decay’s history, some of which appear to be using a different, better formula.

IMG_1663 copy

As with the other Vice palettes, there is a good array of colours in both matte and shimmers. The reason I was so attracted to this palette was because there are so many nice colours to play about with, but also some matte neutrals such as Anonymous, Laced, and Suspend which are good go-to, everyday colours.

IMG_1665 copy

There is also a massive mirror which you can see fits the entire width and length of the palette lid. The resting position of the palette once opened and sitting flat puts the mirror in a perfect position to be able to look at when doing makeup. I particularly like this as it can be good for those who don’t have room for a full vanity table and mirror, or if you are staying elsewhere and don’t fancy doing your makeup to a tiny handheld.

IMG_1677 copy

The palette also comes with a double ended brush. It’s metal and quite weighty, and appears to be good quality. The blending side of the brush isn’t quite fluffy enough in my opinion so I don’t rate it as highly as the ones I currently use, however it would be good in a pinch, or if you didn’t have space to carry a lot of different brushes. The other end is a well-packed application brush, and I would say that that one rates a little higher in terms of performance.

I’ve swatched all the colours for you below to give you an idea of what they’re like, both in sunlight, and in indoor natural light.



Suspend is a lovely neutral taupe-brown matte colour. The mattes in this palette are incredibly high quality and so smooth without feeling chalky in any way. Suspend is one of my new go-tos for deepening my crease in neutral looks.

Oil Slick is a charcoal black colour with silver glitter. I haven’t used this one yet, but the pigmentation doesn’t seem to be super, though I have an idea that this will make a good outer eye colour for a night out.

Roadstripe is one I have seen raved about by other bloggers and vloggers, and with good reason. Unfortunately my pictures don’t quite show how stunning it is. In the pan it just looks white, but it actually applies as a kind of blueish-purple duochrome.

Gash is another one people seem to love. It’s a deep rusty brick shade with a slight shimmer, and the pigmentation is great.

Midnight Cowboy is an old popular one for UD, but a first timer to me. It’s a light peachy golden colour with glitter. I love this colour as it’s very me, but unfortunately the only time I used this there was a lot of fallout from the glitter.

501 is another one that probably doesn’t show up fantastically in the photos, and one of the ones I was super excited for in this palette. It is a highly pigmented deep blue colour with iridescent glitter through it. Probably a bit impractical but I’m determined to find a use for this one!

Shallow is a light silver shimmer. I don’t really have much to say about this one but a nice colour to have in your arsenal!

Laced is a matte like Suspend, and has become my favourite transition colour. One I will continue to reach for.


Hot Pants is a super shimmery bubble gum pink that reminds me so much of the 90s and girl power and fruity lipglosses. So cute.

Mildew is a moss green shimmer. I think this will be a big dividing colour that people will either love or hate, and I’m in camp “love it”.

Smog is an old UD favourite. This is my second Smog pan, the first coming from the Shadow Box. Smog is a super shimmery dark bronze-brown, and is lovely in shimmery neutral looks.

Misdemeanor (apologies for the misspelling I have just noticed in the pics) is the only shadow I was truly disappointed with in this palette. In the pan it looks teal, which I was so excited about as one of my favourite colours. When you swatch it on your finger it has hints of a light green duochrome to it, which I think comes from the glitter, but as you can see on my arm the colour payoff is just not there. It looks more like an unpigmented dark grey.

Freakshow is a nice dark plum shimmer. It is very similar to UD’s other colour Tornado.

Asphyxia is another favourite. a light pinky-purple duochrome which looks nice blended out or on its own as a statement, however the colour payoff isn’t fantastic. It works best on top of a heavy dose of primer, concealer or a paint pot.

Acid Rain was one of the colours I was so very excited about the minute I laid eyes on this palette. It’s a super light green-yellow colour which makes me think of radioactiveness… if that makes sense. A really cool statement shimmer colour.

Moonflower is a light, shimmery copper colour. I’ve used this one as my main lid colour in a neutral cut crease, for which it worked perfectly.


UV-B is a colour which just makes me think of Urban Decay as a brand wholly. It’s a purple-blue duochrome, and I can just imagine using this as the centre lid colour with a purple halo eyes, possibly with Roadstripe on top to make it pop.

Goldmine is a true vibrant yellow gold. It has for more yellow is in than other gold eyeshadows I’ve had, and I think it works really well as an inner eye colour as well as a statement.

Twice Baked is one of the older more familiar colours to long-time fans of UD. It’s a really deep chocolate brown shimmer, which as I said with Smog, is great for deepening the crease and using as an outer eye colour.

Anonymous is another matte, and is perfect for my skintone as a base shade colour for applying all over the eyelid before blending and colour application.


Overall, I am loving this palette so far. There are a couple of shades I’m not over the moon with, and won’t get much use from, but I think that’s fair to say of most palettes.
Most of the colours work very well and are nicely pigmented, and I love how there’s so many options for both colourful and neutral looks.

I look forward to playing with it some more!

Kirsten xo