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Makeup & Outfit of the Day – Last Weekend!

Bon weekend!

If you’re anywhere but the UK, I hope you’ve had a peaceful week. If you’re in the UK, we’ve had a bit of a week of it, haven’t we? I’m not going to go into politics here because, let’s be honest, I am tired. If you wanna see how I feel about any of that stuff then you can probably tell from my Insta posts or my twitter.

I am running late on my posts guys, and today I have no inventive titles for you even, because these photos are from Sunday. Yes, I know. I still thought they were worth sharing, though.

Something I’m really trying to get over is my confidence issues when my hair is not down. I have a bit of a thing about how I perceive my face to look when my hair is up (not due to my fatness, but more due to the fact that I hate my nose and profile of my chin). But seeing as every summer seems to be hotter than ever, it’s something I need to get over. My partner Ana told me I looked nice in pigtails, so pigtails it is! haha.

IMG_2672 copy

This day was typical British weather. We had a beautiful sunny and hot day to start off with, then got rained out. Luckily I took a rain jacket, but the sandals probably weren’t the best idea!

IMG_2676 copy

ASOS had a massive sale over the May bank holiday which I took advantage of, and this tee was one of my favourite items I got. I’ve just checked for you babes and it’s still available and still on sale – go go go!

The sandals are ones I got aaaages ago and are no longer available, however I have managed to find a strikingly similar pair here on sale!

IMG_2686 copy

My makeup held up awesomely on this day despite the heat and the rain, probably mostly thanks to a combo of my Paul & Joe primer I’ve just finished (T____T) and my usual KVD Lock-it Foundation (in which I wear 42 Light).

IMG_2627 copy

Lip of choice for this day was the delightful Cupid by Lime Crime. I’m betting this one will be a go-to shade for me.

IMG_2640 copy

And that is all my dudes!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend ❤



Makeup of the Day

Oh great, now I’m gonna have a Katy Perry song in my head all day!

If you saw my last post, you’ll be aware that I recently received quite a few new Lime Crime lipsticks. One of the trios that I got included a deep teal blue shade, the likes of which I had never worn before, but was excited to.

IMG_2319 copyIMG_2327 copy

As you may have guessed by now, this shade is called Peacock. Unfortunately, this shade is no longer available on Lime Crime, and I think this recent sale they had were getting rid of the last stock of these blue trios they had. I know they have a lot of shades in their arsenal, but I do think it’s a shame that this is no longer one of them.

I wore this shade the day after receiving it, because I was so excited to. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what the rest of my makeup should look like to go with it, so I just kind of messed about and ended up with purples.

IMG_2465 copy

I’m still not entirely sure if they work to be honest, but I thought I’d share with you anyway.

IMG_2482 copy

I think the next time I wear it, I’ll pair it with nudes/brown on my eyes.

IMG_2497 copy

In terms of the lipsticks itself, it is beautiful, like the Velvetines usually are. There were areas where I needed to double up on the application for full pigmentation, but overall it was nice application and wearability.

I think that this trio might have been from their previous formula, so the doefoot is slightly different (shorter), and it feels like there may be a little more oil in this formula, however it’s still great.

IMG_2500 copy

I wore this one all day with no patchiness, but it did come off easier than Lime Crime’s shades usually do when I eventually did remove it. I don’t know whether this is due to the previous formula, or whether it’s something with darker pigmented lipsticks (which I have found with other brands).

I personally am very happy to wear this shade out and about. What about you guys? How do you feel about the blue lipstick trend? Have you braved it?

Have a beautiful day!


Lime Crime Haul & Unboxing!

Good morning all! Hope you are feeling rested and in a great mood this Friday.

Today I have something rather exciting, because we’re talking LIPSTICK HAUL…. and who doesn’t love lipsticks?

In case you were not aware, Lime Crime recently had a massive sale on, with some of their Velvetines going down to just $5! I obviously just had a lipstick clearout, so what better time to just go and buy a bunch more?? hahaha. I added approximately 90% of their $5 items to my online cart, and then realised just how ridiculous I was being. There were bundles that were reduced down to $10 a piece with three lipsticks in them, and so I was economical and started looking at them instead.

In case you aren’t familiar with Lime Crime, this was an amazing deal! Velvetines working out at $3.33 a piece? *heart eyes*

So I ended up buying three bundles, and trying to vary the colours a bit so I got a wide range. Unfortunately what I can’t show you today are the two individual ones that I pleaded my friend to go back and buy me while she shopped because I regretted not getting them! Haha.

Unfortunately the sale has ended now and a lot of these are back up in price, but they do have a small selection of things still reduced if you want to check it out!

So I’m gonna try and do this in the form of an unboxing so you see how they came. I want to also point out that the shipping for this, considering they came from California, was incredibly fast… but I found this with my last package from them too. Props to Lime Crime for that, because there were a lot of problems in the past with their shipping. I ordered these on the 24th May, and I received them yesterday on 1st June. A week in shipping from the US is great to me.

Let’s get cracking!

IMG_2273 copy.jpg

Outer box, upside down to hide shipping label 🙂

IMG_2275 copy

IMG_2276 copy.jpg

IMG_2277 copy

As you might have seen in this post, the packaging remains beautiful. Inauspicious on the outside, then you open it to a heavenly sight of pinks and blues and flowers and unicorns. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging; I just think it’s a nice little detail rather than a plain white box.

IMG_2280 copy.jpg

The first box I opened contained my beautiful little Champagne Velve-tin, which was lovingly wrapped up in pink bubble wrap. I didn’t even know you could get pink bubble wrap…. and now I feel like I need it in my life, ya know, for…. reasons.

IMG_2281 copy

IMG_2283 copy.jpg

So let’s talk about the Velve-tin first then, as it was the first one I unboxed.

I have been eyeing up the Velve-tins for a while now. I think they’re a really cute concept. Three minis in a super cute tin with different colour schemes. I actually fell in love with the red one, then the pink one, but when I saw this one I was just kind of obsessed.

IMG_2305 copy

The rose-gold colour Happi, I am particularly obsessed with. I have no idea if it will go with my skintone at all, or if I would suit a metallic lipstick, but it’s just gorgeous.

IMG_2302 copy

This nude colour, Lulu, looks like it will be a great peachy nude for my pale skintone. As I said in my post where I was clearing out my lipsticks, I’m looking to diversify my nude collection, and I’ve managed to add a couple of great ones with this haul 🙂

I did have one slight issue with Lulu. When I opened it, I think the product had separated a bit, and oil came out the tube and started running down the sides. That was a bit annoying, but it didn’t happen to any of the others, and the lipstick seemed fine once I resealed it and gave it a bit of a shake.

IMG_2300 copy.jpg

Lana is a beautiful bronze which I think is gorgeous, but I’m not sure it will work on me. Looks like it would be greater on dark skin, but I will certainly still get use out of it as I think it will make an incredible eyeliner!

IMG_2308 copy

(Pic completely unedited and taken in natural light. Left to right: Lana, Lulu, Happi)

IMG_2286 copy

Onto the next box!

IMG_2290 copy.jpg

This is the True Love bundle, which I got for an absolute steal. It’s meant to be $60, and they had it reduced to $10 in the sale! I know right?! (The lipsticks look a little separated in the pic above but they were absolutely fine)

IMG_2318 copy.jpg

This one I was attracted to because I was already going to buy one of the shades in it for $5, so I thought I may as well get a bundle of three shades (they are full size!) for $10 instead 🙂

IMG_2309 copy

First up we have Cupid, which is just my absolute favourite shade of pink, which is a muted nude-pink. This the kind of shade I’d describe as “vintage rose” if I had to come up with another name. It reminds me of a slightly darker liquid shade of Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (Elusive) as seen in my lipstick clearout post.

I have a feeling that this one will become a go-to.

IMG_2312 copy

Next up is Saint, which is a shade I’m also super excited about! I don’t have a really deep, dark red in my collection at all, and I’m so glad to finally rectify that. I can see this one getting a lot of use once we come out of summer and into Autumn and Winter!

IMG_2313 copy

This shade shares the name of the bundle – True Love – and is the shade I bought the bundle for. I am obsessed with this colour. It’s like the birthchild of Pink Velvet and Suedeberry mixed together, and creates a really vivid, almost neon, pinky red.

I feel like this is a shade I’m actually going to have to talk myself out of wearing on a daily basis, because it’s just so beautiful.

IMG_2315 copy

(Cupid, Saint, True Love)

IMG_2294 copy

This next bundle I am struggling to find the name to, as it is not available as a bundle on their website at all anymore. After a bit of Googling, I have found some people calling it “the Holiday Trio” and some “the Blue Bundle”. Fortunately, you can still buy two of the shades in this separately!

At first glance, they look like quite unusual shades to put together, but they actually are such a nice bundle of rich, deep shades altogether.

IMG_2319 copy

Here we have Peacock, which is the only shade no longer available, and I think is a real shame. Now, obviously a lot of people will not be into blue lipstick. I personally have never tried out a blue lipstick, but I actually love the look of them so have been really excited to!

Peacock is a great place to start. It is a deep, super rich, teal blue which is one of my absolute favourite colours. It was love at first sight for this lipstick and I, and I am wearing it right now. In fact, I love it so much I’m gonna give it a post all of its own – so look out for that!

IMG_2322 copy.jpg

The nude shade in this collection is Buffy. On the website I think it looks much darker than it actually is. On the website it looks similar to Kat Von D’s Lolita, but it seems much paler from the swatches I have done. It looks a lot like Lulu, but without the peachy undertone.

IMG_2325 copy

And the final one I have to show you all is the gorgeous Beet It, which is a super rich, dark magenta. It is absolutely stunning on, and the first one I tried after receiving my haul.


I swatched the shades together like the others, and can see why they were grouped together. A varying range of deep shades which are really representative of Velvetines themselves.

IMG_2327 copy

And that’s all of them!

Like I said, I also ordered a couple of others, but they remain with my friend at the moment. Despite this, I think that I have managed to pick up quite a diverse range of shades at present. What do you think?

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2288 copy

I will be sure to get back to you once I’ve received the others!

So did anyone else manage to snag a bargain in the sale? Feel free to share in the comments!


Green & Smoky: A Makeup Look

Happy Friday!

How are we all feeling today? Good? Good.

For the past couple of weeks my part of the world has had a relaunch of Summer and it’s been lovely – albeit surprising – to be in hot weather again. However, today we have woken up to rain, clouds, and a stiff breeze. I believe it’s meant to rain all weekend and all week now: happy birthday to me!

BUT I am looking forward to Autumn. I am a sucker for slightly cooler weather, watching the kids walking to school, buying a new coat, watching Halloween items invade the shops, and snuggling on the sofa watching telly under a blanket when it’s actually dark outside by 7pm. And maybe I’ve had Autumn on the brain, because the look I’m sharing with you today isn’t one I’d usually end up with at all.

I don’t know if this is usual or not, but when I go to do my makeup, I don’t have a look in mind that I want to do. I kinda just gravitate toward colours and use them. But I’m not really a smoky eye kinda girl.
Don’t get me twisted: I love a good smoky eye… on other people. I appreciate them. But I just don’t feel like I particularly pull them off. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear false eyelashes? Maybe you really need that full lash look to make a smoky eye pop. I dunno.

Anywho. On this particular day I found myself gravitating toward dark shades in my Makeup Revolution Parental Advisory palette. Once I had finished up my eyes and my face I felt I needed to lighten and brighten things up, so went for more colour with Lime Crime’s Squash on my lips, resulting in what I feel to be a really Autumnal smoky look.

IMG_1506 copyIMG_1512 copyIMG_1517 copy

Have you peeps had a good summer? Are you all looking forward to Autumn?

Kirsten xo

Lime Crime’s ‘Squash’ Velvetine

Good morning lovely people. I hope you’re all coping well this Tuesday after a long weekend (if you’ve been lucky enough to have one!). I hope it has been kind to you and the weather has been good :]

I’m really excited to be writing this post today, because for the first time in a long time I am the owner of a couple of Lime Crime products again.
I stopped using Lime Crime about a year ago after their problems with their site being hacked and credit card details stolen, after which I looked into the company and found some less than favourable info about the company’s owner (if you want to see some of this you can find it on here). This was unfortunate as at this time they probably had only half the amount of Velvetines they have now, and so I watched the launch of colour after beautiful colour, saddened that I felt I couldn’t buy them.

So why the change? Well, as I may have mentioned, I have been trying to make a shift in my makeup to only buying ethical products not tested on animals. This is why you will never find me with a MAC product (well, not until they change their policies at least). I’m still human and fuck up, and sometimes buy things from companies which I think are ethical and turn out not to be. You may note from this post that I own a lot of Makeup Revolution stuff, who do not test on animals, but their matte lipsticks don’t last the longest, and I’m looking for something a little more durable.
I had considered buying Jeffree Star, however recently I’ve been directed toward a bunch of racist and sexist comments of his, and he’s also very contradictory in his approach to business (he complained on social media about Kylie’s lipglosses, then berated a customer of his complaining on social media about his products, when he had a similar issue). I just don’t fucks with people like that.
My problem is that Doe and Jeffree create the best vegan liquid lipsticks out there. You feel me? Well, I’ve been tracking Lime crime, and from what I can see, Doe Deere has stopped being so much of a bitch to her customers, they worked hard to resolve the hacking issue, and in the UK customers also aren’t responsible for possible customs charges which may arise buying from them. So, I’m willing to give them another chance.

One thing I’ve had in my head is that I wanted an orange lipstick to go on holiday with. Not a coral, but an actual orange. I’ve found a few online, but Lime Crime had a sale on, and I ended up buying the more burnt orange ‘Squash’ velvetine, and the bright orange Unicorn Lipstick ‘Pocket Rocket’. I’m pretty impressed.

IMG_9921 copy

My package was due to arrive in about 9 days, and I think it arrived in 5. Not too bad considering. Of course, with all Lime Crime stuff, the packaging is beautiful. Lot’s of clouds and flowers and unicorns.

IMG_9924 copy

The packaging of the actual Velvetine was the same as I remembered the last time I ordered. It’s nice. Their packaging is one of those things you don’t really wanna throw out! I was pretty impressed the colour in the tube also appeared to look the same as the actual swatches I had seen: this is encouraging because it means the lipstick will usually be true to shade on your face.

I decided to try it for the first time when I was going to a BBQ at a friend’s house on Sunday.

IMG_9974 copy

As expected, the shade came out exactly the same on my face.

The lipstick actually smelled like Play-Doh. That doesn’t bother me that much, and I didn’t notice it at all after application, but that was just a little unusual for me as I remember Red Velvet and Suedeberry smelling kind of like Vanilla when I owned them.
The best thing about this was the application – I didn’t have any issues at all, which I usually do with lipstick application. For some reason I always seem to fill one side of my upper lip thicker than the other! This went on very smoothly and felt very creamy, with no dragging. It also went on as pictured with one application – I didn’t top it up at all.

IMG_9985 copy

One of the things I was also worried about was how it would make my teeth look. I do think the shade makes them look a teensy bit more yellow, but to be honest I wasn’t all that bothered, because I loved the shade so much I just didn’t let that bother me.

I wanted this shade to be the standout, so I went for natural matte colours on my lids instead of shimmers. My wings came out a bit bigger than I intended but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
They look good.

IMG_9991 copy

In terms of durability, I applied the lipstick at about 10.45am and took it off without any reapplying at about 7.30pm. By the time I came to take it off I did notice the colour was wearing a little, but it still looked alright. I hadn’t noticed it flaking on my lips at all, which is something I definitely notice after a bit with the Makeup Revolution lipsticks. The above description was after eating BBQ food like burgers and drinking beers. Which – I think – is incredible.


No7 Match Made Concealer (Calico) | Barry M Get Up & Glow | L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit & Plumper | Makeup Revolution Parental Advisory Palette | Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect | Maybelline Master Graphic Eyeliner | Lime Crime Velvetines in Squash

Have a good week guys and gals.

K xo