June 2017 GlossyBox Review

Good afternoon all! We’re halfway through the week now, and I hope you’re having a good one 😉

It’s that time of the month again where I receive a special lil package just for me filled with products to try out and shout about on the internet! Yes, it’s GlossyBox time, my only beauty subscription, and this month is rather great, guys ^__^

IMG_3169 copy

Not pictured here is also a charcoal facemask, which I used before I took pictures because I was too excited about it!

This month I feel they have the balance perfect. One hair product, 3 skincare products, 2 beauty products… that’s a great balance for me. Obviously other people won’t feel the same as some will put more emphasis on haircare than skincare, for example, but it works really well for me. So let’s get into it!

IMG_3047 copy

Please forgive me for this truly awful photo.

Beauty Pro Black Diamond Black Peel Off Mask (RRP £4.95 full size of 3 applications; approx. £1.65 for this size)

The good: Cruelty-free, no Mineral Oils/Lanolin/Petroleum/Parabens, popular fun product
The bad: didn’t notice much difference to skin afterwards

I was so excited about receiving this because these charcoal peel-off masks have become a bit of a phenomenon. This is the kind of thing I can get behind, especially because I have such bad skin and will try anything that promises to keep that in check!

Let’s also not beat around the bush: we’ve all seen those videos of people using these masks and peeling them off to reveal all the stuff that comes out of their pores. You either think that’s gross or heckin’ cool. I’m the later. Sorry! Yes, I am confirmed gross.

I’m actually gonna save a full assessment on this for a separate blog post, but I will state here that although not what I expected, I really liked it and would buy it again.


IMG_3172 copy

Batiste Stylist Oomph my Locks XXL Volume Spray (RRP £4.29)

The good: attractive packaging, full size product
The bad: these things don’t usually work on my hair

It’s always super exciting to receive a full-size product in a GlossyBox, and this is particularly good for things like hair and skincare, where you may need to use the product a few times to get an accurate idea of how good they are.

At first I thought this was a dry shampoo, which are what Batiste are known for, but it’s actually a dedicated volume boosting spray. It applies and feels like a dry shampoo from my first use of it, so I’m not sure what the difference actually is apart from the £2 price hike. Dry shampoos don’t seem to do much for me other than make my hair frizzy, and from a first use of this, it appears that this product is going to be no different.

I do always like to use things until they’re out, unless I really really don’t like them, so I will continue using this to see if my mind changes, but I’m not particularly expecting it to, and might not even pick it up that much. I think I’ve still got a volume boosting spray sat in my hair product basket, which I received in a beauty box last year.


IMG_3173 copy

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash (RRP £3.29)

The good: Cruelty-free, no parabens, great cleanser
The bad: none so far

I always like receiving new cleansers and scrubs, and as I said above with the charcoal mask, I will jump at the prospect of anything that promises to help clear up my skin. It’s a nice bonus when you can find cruelty-free products with natural ingredients that promise this.

This face wash is a little strange. It’s almost like a gel, but it doesn’t foam up as you rub it. I’m always a little wary of products like this, as they often don’t leave me feeling clean, if that makes sense. However, this is different. Despite not like any cleanser I’ve used before, it managed to remove a full face of makeup, which I was not expecting. I usually remove my makeup before cleansing my face, but when I get a new cleanser I always think it’s a good way to put it to the test, and this lil guy passed with flying colours.

When used on its own, it felt refreshing. It has a bit of an unusual smell, somewhere between “herbal” and “disinfectant”, but I don’t mind it at all. I’m really, really liking this stuff.


IMG_3174 copy

111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel (RRP £110!!!!!!!!!!!!!; for this size approx. £36.67)

The good: smells nice, cool name, nice packaging, promises the world
The bad: did you not peep that price?

I’ve received a 111Skin product before in a GlossyBox, and I remember being similarly outraged by the expense of that product too. Seriously, this is an expensive company. Damn.

Anyway, I’ll try to stay balanced.

This product claims to be a: “soothing eye gel that minimises puffiness and reduces dark circles for a brighter, awakened appearance”, and I’m assuming from the name, to lift the eyes as well? I haven’t used this, so I can’t actually comment on how well it will work, but I will definitely document the process when I do start using it.

The gel is clear and feels very lightweight, drying on the skin very quickly. There’s a nice smell to it, but it’s not overly strong and seems to dissipate soon after use, or so I can tell from a very small use on the back of my hand.

It took me a while to get the pump on this product to work, but it did eventually, which I’m glad of, because I’m gonna be scraping every tiny bit I can out of this bottle!


IMG_3176 copy

Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator (RRP $29; approx £22.69)

The good: nice, subtle glow
The bad: thin formula, high price point

Don’t get me wrong: I am always excited to receive new makeup. I’m game for trying new products, always, and almost every makeup product I’ve received from a beauty box I have used. However, I did receive a liquid illuminator in a GlossyBox not so long ago (in my blog break), and so to receive another is a teeny bit disappointing. Regardless, I’ll still give it a go.

This one is a pretty rose gold colour, but I don’t think it will work on every shade of skin. I tried using this as a liquid highlight yesterday and the results were underwhelming. The formula of this is very thin and liquid, and I think it probably was just soaking into my blender, instead of being dispersed on my face. I think that this one might be better for mixing with foundation, and I’ll give that a go another time.


The only other comment I have is that it’s quite a high price point for a company I’ve never heard of, and for a product that’s less than fantastic. For just £10 more you can get a high-end liquid highlighter like the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector or the rave-reviewed Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops (both of which come in a Rose Gold shade).


IMG_3177 copy

Sleek Makeup Power Plump Lip Crayon in Colossal Coral (RRP £5.50)

The good: great pigmentation, long-lasting, easy to use, low price point, smells nice
The bad: potentially not very plumping

Okay, so one of the problems with the damn break I had from the blog is thinking on things I received in my GlossyBoxes that I haven’t shared with you guys… and one of those things was an eyeshadow and blusher palette by Sleek, that I absolutely adore. I was so shocked by the quality of the shadows in such an inexpensive palette. And now I’m being wowed by their lip products too.

I enjoy a lip crayon sometimes simply because they’re so easy to use. You can just pop them on with no hassle, and then into a handbag. They’re usually not as pigmented as lipsticks, but are more nourishing and longer-lasting than sheer lipsticks (or so I find). I definitely find that with this one.

IMG_3178 copy

Colossal coral is a really nice but muted coral shade which I can imagine working on a lot of skintones. I wore it yesterday, and it lasted almost the whole day without budging. I would say that it’s comparable to lip crayons of a much higher price point that I’ve tried, and £5.50 is a bargain.

The only even slightly negative thing to say about this is that it’s a lip plumping crayon, and although I could feel the tingling that you usually do with lip plumpers, I didn’t notice much of a difference.


IMG_3179 copy

The other lil thing that was included in this month’s box was a preview of Louise Pentland (aka Sprinkle of Glitter)’s debut novel. I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait to get my nose stuck in to it!

And one last thing to note:

IMG_3182 copy

Look at that preview for July!! I’m soooooo excited!

Total worth: £74.09 – might be the highest worth I’ve had out of a GlossyBox!

Overall thoughts: I am incredibly impressed by this box, especially having received a pretty meh box last month. I think this had a good range of products, and despite having a couple in it I’m not suuuuper hyped about, there are some I am, and I’ll still get use out of all of them.


So what do you think? Did you get any different products in your GlossyBoxes this month? ❤ Let me know below!

Until next time 😉




  1. I had the same Himalaya gel once and I didn’t like it at all. The smell was alright but I hated its sticky gel-like consistency. It was also way too drying for me and just.. I don’t know, wasn’t my fit 😀 The Manna illuminator looks good though x

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