Getting Back in the Game

So we all know life can be tough sometimes. Sometimes it can be really tough. Sometimes it can be tougher on others.

I could go on and on about this, and as you may know, quite frequently have in the past, but today I’ll spare you. Because all I really want to communicate is this:


I’ve been gone for a while. Maybe you didn’t notice. That’s fine. There are millions of blogs out there that do this job way better than I did/do (?), and I hope you all have been enjoying them ❤

However, I’m now putting myself back into the pool.

I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching (but, ugh! How I hate that phrase!) and realised that blogging came as a proper release to me in so many ways. It was a raison d’être to me in ways that I couldn’t come to understand until it was out of my life. And that’s why you’ll find this post titled as thus: I’m getting myself back in the game.

There have been a fair amount of changes in my life, and even greater still are the amount of things that are staying the same. I won’t list everything out here because it’s not of importance. What is of importance will be how some things will affect my blog, and that is quite simple.

I am now going to be blogging about what I want.

Okay, that might need some clarification. Didn’t I already blog about what I wanted? Yes, but I also put a lot of expectation on myself as to what my blog should be. Last year when I started it (yes, we have actually passed my bloggerversary with no celebration because I’ve been gone!), I didn’t expect makeup (for example) to feature as much as it did, but because it was something I was really into, that was a direction this site took.
Makeup will probably still play a huge part on this blog, and my subscription reviews, but I also hope to talk a little more about outside subjects as well.

I have spoken fairly frequently on here about my mental health, and that might feature a lot more as well, as this year I am on a quest to be more open and honest with myself and others. If this isn’t something that you’d like to see, I’m not offended. Removing yourself from situations that make you uncomfortable or are counterproductive to your own health is something you need to do to take care of you. I wish you well.

And so here we are, six months later.

Sorry guys.

I missed you.

Here I am again ❤

Kirsten xo


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