Hello fellow humans. Remember me? I’m that person who created a blog and then got busy and uninspired so only updated it once in two months.

I have, sat on my desk, currently, DECEMBER’s GlossyBox. Which shows how behind I am. But, nevertheless, it’s Saturday night and all else I would be doing right now is drinking wine and playing Final Fantasy. [I am still drinking wine; who am I kidding?]

So here goes. I’m rusty with the writing thing. Please forgive.


My November GlossyBox. Ain’t she purdy?

Sorry about the rubbish pics as well. Onward.


111Skin Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask (RRP £20)

The good: Feels good, luxurious
The bad: doesn’t feel any better than other gel masks

Well this was a nice treat to use. I don’t think I’ve ever used a face mask worth 20 quid before! I do love a good gel-like masks. I still can’t get on with paper sheet masks, but the gel ones are nice. My skin feels nice afterwards, but to be honest, I don’t notice any real difference. It’s fun to look like Hannibal Lecter for a while though.



This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (RRP £16 full size; approx £1.07 for this size)

The good: smells lovely
The bad: 

There’s not much to say. This is one of those gimmicky products thrown in there, it seems. I do have problems getting to sleep, but pillow sprays don’t help. It smells nice, like lavender, but I have almost exactly the same thing which I received free from Dreams with a bed. I use it as a little room spray in a pinch.


De Bruyère Jumbo Eye Pencil (approx. £12.60)

The good: applies smoothly, smells like vanilla, nice colour
The bad: not long lasting, smudges


This is a beautiful little eye pencil in a beautiful champagne colour. I really like it, despite not using eye pencils much. I’ve only worn it a couple of times, but on my second wear I put it on top of eyeshadow and didn’t apply it so thick to try and reduct transfer on my upper eyelids. It worked… a bit.
I just really like this shade and how Christmassy it is, tbh.


Ruby Professional Large Tapered Brush (RRP £6.80)

The good: soft, loose bristled, cruelty free
The bad: –

This is a really nice tapered brush. I have one of a similar size by Spectrum Collections, and although this isn’t quite as soft, the bristles are looser so it’s better for wider blending work. It’s still taking me some practice to get the hang of eyeshadow in general, but this is a nice brush.


Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty False Lashes (approx. £3.17)

The good: Like the tapered ends
The bad: feel heavy

Maybe it’s because I’m not that used to false lashes. Maybe it’s because my eyes are quite hooded when my eyebrows aren’t raised. But these are just too long for me, I couldn’t get them to sit right, and they felt heavy. Soz.


A lil extra: a Raffaelo. Cheers Glossy.


Total worth: £43.64

Overall: Not the greatest box in the world, but it’s alright. I don’t mind it. I particularly like the eye crayon and the blending brush, but everything else was pretty meh. The December box is thankfully better, and I hope to show you that tomorrow 🙂

Kirsten xo


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