Okay, I’ve been up since 4am. I’m tired. I thought maybe I could sit down and write a blog post about my thoughts on Donald Trump, but then I decided not to.

Something I’ve been seeing a lot of today are false quotes. In particular, I’ve probably seen the fake People magazine article about “dumb Republican voters” 30 times. It’s probably a bit disappointing to some that that quote is fake, but actually the reality of some of the things he says outweighs it. At least in my opinion.

So instead, I decided to compose some real quotes for you, the sources of which I have tried to find for every one as accurately as possible (and this took a hella long time, trust me). Some of them are offensive, some of them are hypocritical, and some of them are just downright bizarre. [They’re also explicit at times, so be warned.]

The scary thing is, that this is by no means comprehensive. This is just a bunch of the ones I’ve found today to give you. If you have more, throw them my way and I’ll edit it. Enjoy!


“When I think I’m right, nothing bothers me. Nothing gets too much under my skin.” – 17 November, 1985

“I don’t even consider myself ambitious.” – 17 November, 1985

I’m more popular now than I was two months ago. There are two publics as far as I’m concerned. The real public and then there’s the New York society horseshit. The real public has always liked Donald Trump. The real public feels that Donald Trump is going through Trump-bashing. When I go out now, forget about it. I’m mobbed. It’s bedlam.” – September, 1990

“No, I’m not into anal.” – 2004

“I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.” – 17 May, 2005

“That’s one of the nice things. I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich. So if I need $600 million, I can put $600 million myself. That’s a huge advantage. I must tell you, that’s a huge advantage over the other candidates.” – 2011

“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body.” – 2011

“When people don’t tell the truth, I go after them, and I don’t like that. For instance, there have been many bad things said about me over the years, and in some cases they’ve been true. It doesn’t bother me. If I have a fault and somebody exposes that fault or talks about that fault, you won’t hear me complain. If I make a mistake and somebody brings it up, you won’t hear me complain.” – April, 2013

“Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure,it’s not your fault” – 9 May 2013

“I will be so good at the military your head will spin.” – 2015

 “I had some beautiful pictures taken in which I had a big smile on my face. I looked happy, I looked content, I looked like a very nice person, which in theory I am.” – 2015

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn’t lose voters” – 23 January, 2016


“The point is that you can’t be too greedy.” – 1987

“Rich men are less likely to like me, but the working man likes me because he knows I worked hard and didn’t inherit what I’ve built. Hey, I made it myself; I have a right to do what I want” – 1990

“I could be happy living in a studio apartment.” – 1990

“I made a lot of money and I made it too easily, to the point of boredom.” – September, 1990

“I don’t need anybody’s money. I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.” – August, 2015


“Sometimes you sound like a Presidential candidate stirring up the voters.
I don’t want the Presidency. I’m going to help a lot of people with my foundation–and for me, the grass isn’t always greener.
But if the grass ever did look greener, which political party do you think you’d be more comfortable with?
Well, if I ever ran for office, I’d do better as a Democrat than as a Republican–and that’s not because I’d be more liberal, because I’m conservative. But the working guy would elect me. He likes me. When I walk down the street, those cabbies start yelling out their windows.” – 1990

“Perhaps I shouldn’t campaign at all, I’ll just, you know, I’ll ride it right into the White House.” – 8 October, 1999

“Do you identify more as a Democrat or Republican?
Well, you’d be shocked if I said that in many cases I probably identify more as Democrat. And I think you’d probably be shocked…
On social issues?
You know, it’s interesting, I’ve been now around long… you know, I think of myself as a young guy, but I’m not so young anymore. And I’ve been around for a long time. And it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.
Now, it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats…” … “But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans.” – 21 March, 2004

“I’m the most successful person ever to run for the presidency, by far. Nobody’s ever been more successful than me. I’m the most successful person ever to run.” – 2 June, 2015


“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” – 16 June, 2015

[Responding to questions on the accusation that Latinx people bring crime and rape across the border]
“Well, someone’s doing the raping, Don! I mean, somebody’s doing it. Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?” – 29 June, 2015

“First of all, I want to build a wall. A wall that works; it’s so important, and it’s a big part of it. Second of all, we have a lot of really bad dudes in this country from outside, and I think Chris [Christie] knows that, maybe as well as anybody. They go, if I get elected. First day, they’re gone. Gangs all over the place: Chicago, Baltimore, no matter where you look. We have a country based on laws. I will make sure that those laws are adhered to. These are illegal immigrants.”
“We have a country of laws. They’re going to go out, and they’ll come back if they deserve to come back. If they’ve had a bad record, if they’ve been arrested, if they’ve been in jail, they’re never coming back.” – 16 September, 2015

Chuck Todd: “But you haven’t told us how you’re going to make Mexico pay for this wall.”
Donald Trump: “Oh, it’s easy!” … “”I’ll tell you right now. We have a trade imbalance of 40 billion, 45 billion with Mexico a year. We spend billions of dollars. We give Mexico billions of dollars a year. The wall is going to cost 6 billion or 7 billion…”
CT: “So, tariffs?”

DT: “No, I’m not saying that. No, I think Mexico. I’ll get Mexico to pay for it one way or another: I guarantee you that.” – 8 November, 2015


“And I do know what to do, and I would know how to bring ISIS to the table or, beyond that, defeat ISIS very quickly. And I’m not going to tell what you it is tonight.” – 25 May, 2015

“Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”
“There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good.” – 22 November, 2015

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.” – 7 December, 2015

“Look, we have to stop with political correctness. We have to get down to creating a country that’s not going to have the kind of problems that we’ve had with people flying planes into the World Trade Centers, with the — with the shootings in California, with all the problems all over the world. I just left Indonesia — bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb.
We have to find out what’s going on. I said temporarily. I didn’t say permanently. I said temporarily. And I have many great Muslim friends. And some of them, I will say, not all, have called me and said, “Donald, thank you very much; you’re exposing an unbelievable problem and we have to get to the bottom of it.” And unlike President Obama, where he refuses even to use the term of what’s going on, he can’t use the term for whatever reason. And if you can’t use the term, you’re never going to solve the problem. My Muslim friends, some, said, “thank you very much; we’ll get to the bottom of it.”
But we have a serious problem. And we can’t be the stupid country any more. We’re laughed at all over the world.” – 14 January, 2016

“Well, I’ll tell you what: in the Middle East, we have people chopping the heads off Christians, we have people chopping the heads off many other people. We have things that we have never seen before – as a group, we have never seen before, what’s happening right now. The medieval times – I mean, we studied medieval times – not since medieval times have people seen what’s going on. I would bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” – 6 February, 2016

“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism” – 12 June, 2016




“If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” – 16 April, 2015

“She is playing the woman’s card. She said… everything she says is about the woman’s card, and frankly all I’m doing is bringing out the obvious. And without the woman card Hillary would not even be a viable person to run for a city council position.” – 28 April, 2016


Vladimir Putin

“The man has very strong control over a country,”…“he’s been a leader far more than our president has been a leader” – 7 September, 2016

Barack Obama

“He doesn’t have a birth certificate, or if he does, there’s something on that birth certificate that is very bad for him. Now somebody told me – and I have no idea whether this is bad for him or not, but perhaps it would be – where it says “religion”, it might have “Muslim”. And if you’re a Muslim you don’t change your religion, by the way. But somebody said maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t want to show it.”
“I just don’t think he has a birth certificate. And everybody has a birth certificate. When you’re born in a hospital you have a birth certificate. There’s something fishy.” – 30 March, 2011

“What a convenient mistake: issued a statement for Kwanza but failed to issue one for Christmas.” – 28 December, 2011

“An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that ‘s birth certificate is a fraud.” – 6 August, 2012

Muammar Gaddafi

“I dealt with Gaddafi! Excuse me! I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for the whole year, or for two years, and then I didn’t let him use the land. That’s what we should be doing. I don’t want to use the word ‘screwed’, but I screwed him! That’s what we should be doing!” – 21 March, 2011

George Bush

“I like George Bush very much and support him and always will. But I disagree with him when he talks of a kinder, gentler America. I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it’s literally going to cease to exist.” – 1990

Mitt Romney

“Romney — I have a Gucci store that’s worth more than Romney.” – 2 June, 2015


“A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market. I think sometimes a black may think they don’t really have the advantage or this or that, but in actuality, today, currently… it’s a great… I’ve said on occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black because I really do believe they have an actual advantage today.” – 5 September, 1989

“I think Eminem is fantastic, and most people think I wouldn’t like Eminem. And did you know my name is in more black songs than any other name in hip-hop? Black entertainers love Donald Trump. Russell Simmons told me that. Russell said, “You’re in more hip-hop songs than any other person,” like five of them lately. That’s a great honor for me.” – 2004

“I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” – 2011

“I am the least racist person that you have ever met. I am the least racist person.
Are you bigoted in any way?
I don’t think so, no. I don’t think so.
Not at all.” – December, 2015

[addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition]
“Look, I’m a negotiator like you folks; we’re negotiators” – 3 December, 2015

“Well, I am not a racist, in fact, I am the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered.” – 10 June, 2016


“I hate it. I am a traditionalist. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist.” – 2011

70s, 80s & 90sMusic (10).png

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” – 6 November, 2012

“It’s freezing and snowing in New York–we need global warming!” – 7 November, 2012

70s, 80s & 90sMusic (11).png

“I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?” – September, 1990

“I want five children, like in my own family, because with five, then I will know that one will be guaranteed to turn out like me”  – September, 1990

And you’re going to have more kids?
I think so, yeah.
Yeah, sure.
What do you need that headache for?
Because I like kids. I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them. I’ll supply the funds and she’ll take care of the kids, right? It’s not like I’m going to be walking the kids down central park.
Do you feel like you have an empty nest or something?
Well, Marla used to say, “I can’t believe you’re not walking Tiffany down the street in the carriage.” Like I’m going to be walking down 5th Avenue with a baby in a carriage.” – April, 2005

“No. I don’t [change diapers], it’s not my thing.” … “It’s up to the women. There are a lot of women up there who demand that the husband act like the wife, and there are a lot of husbands who listen to that.” – 2006

“I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” – 6 March, 2006

70s, 80s & 90sMusic (12).png

“[Leona Helmsley] set the women’s movement back fifty years. She is a living nightmare, and to be married to her must be like living in hell.” – 1990

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”  – May 1991

“They said, “how are you going to change the pageant?” and I said “I’m gonna get the bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher”.” – 1997

“There are basically three types of women and reactions. One is the good woman who very much loves her future husband, solely for himself, but refuses to sign the agreement on principle. I fully understand this, but the man should take a pass anyway and find someone else. The other is the calculating woman who refuses to sign the prenuptial agreement because she is expecting to take advantage of the poor, unsuspecting sucker she’s got in her grasp. There is also the woman who will openly and quickly sign a prenuptial agreement in order to make a quick hit and take the money given to her.” – 1997

“Often, I will tell friends whose wives are constantly nagging them about this or that that they’re better off leaving and cutting their losses. I’m not a great believer in always trying to work things out, because it just doesn’t happen that way. For a man to be successful he needs support at home, just like my father had from my mother, not someone who is always griping and bitching. When a man has to endure a woman who is not supportive and complains constantly about his not being home enough or not being attentive enough, he will not be very successful unless he is able to cut the cord.” – 1997

[Basically this whole gross conversation linked, but particularly the following]
“I never get this thing with Lady Di.
I think she’s magnificent. Lady Di was truly a woman of great beauty.
Would you have slept with her?
Without even hesitation. She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin – the whole thing. She was crazy, but these are minor details.” – May, 2000

[A conversation in which he discusses rather having sex with Whoopi Goldberg over Pamela Anderson due to her Hep. C] 2002

“All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.” – 2004

“Nobody cares about the talent. There’s only one talent you care about, and that’s the look talent. You don’t give a shit if a girl can play a violin like the greatest violinist in the world. You want to know what does she look like.” – 2005


“I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. She was married.”, “And I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture, and I said I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.”, “I moved on her like a bitch. I couldn’t get there, and she was married. And all of a sudden I see her and she now has the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”, “I’ve got to use some tic-tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet.”, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” – 2005

[About Nicollette Sheridan]
“Solid four” … “I like the way she used to look.” … “A person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a ten.” – source1
“Would you go out with Marcia Cross or would you turn gay, Howard?
She’s got a good body, just put a bag on her head.
Solid four to five.” – source2
[About Eva Longoria]
 “She’s really cute, I have to tell you, she’s really bouncy, really cute, She’s about 5-foot-1. Do you like girls that are 5-foot-1? They come up to you know where.”  – source3
[About Carmen Electra]
“The boob job is terrible. They look like two light posts coming out of a body.”- all September 2005

[About the Miss USA pageant]
“If you’re looking for a rocket scientist, don’t turn in tonight. But if you’re looking for a really beautiful woman, you should.” – 2005

[A conversation “rating” Hollywood women including Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston] – 2006

“[Angelina Jolie]’s been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby, OK, with the other side. And, I just don’t even find her attractive.” – 9 October, 2006

“You can’t make false statements”… “Rosie [O’Donnell] will rue the words she said. I’ll most likely sue her for making those false statements, and it’ll be fun. Rosie’s a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie.” – December 2006

[On Rosie O’Donnell]
Do you think you could beat her up?
I think it would be close. She’s pretty big. If she ever fell in the wrong direction I wouldn’t have a chance.
She came to your wedding!
She came to my wedding.
Which one?
No kidding.
She was at the wedding and I got extremely angry because she ate almost the entire wedding cake.
You know, I didn’t get any wedding cake when I showed up.
That’s because there was nothing left!” – 2007

[On Angelina Jolie]
“I don’t think she’s good-looking. I don’t know what it is. I never thought she was good-looking. I don’t think she’s got good skin. I don’t think she’s got a great face. I think her lips are too big, to be honest with you, they look like too big.”
“I don’t think she’s good-looking. You talk about a transformation. Now the United Nations is honoring her as this great, wonderful — I remember three years ago she was frenching her brother at the Academy Awards. She was walking in with Billy Bob and she was saying she got screwed in the car. Now they’re saying she’s a lady of the peace. I mean, give me a break. I never thought she was good-looking.” – October, 2007

[On Madonna]
“You don’t think you could get it up for her?
I think I’d have a hard time.
No, I don’t find her attractive.” – 2008

[This whole disgusting conversation]2008

“You’re disgusting” (to the opposing lawyer during a court case when she asked for a medical break to pump breast milk for her three-month-old daughter) – 2011

“. is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision.” – 28 August, 2012

“While is an extremely unattractive woman, I refuse to say that because I always insist on being politically correct.” – 28 October, 2012

“.–I don’t wear a “rug”—it’s mine. And I promise not to talk about your massive plastic surgeries that didn’t work.” – 13 November, 2012

Is [Kim Kardashian’s] ass too big?
Well, absolutely. It’s record setting.
Are you attracted to that?
No. In the old days they’d say she’s got a bad body.” – 2014

“I mean, we could say politically correct that look doesn’t matter, but the look obviously matters… like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful. It’s very sad, isn’t it?” – February, 2014

Do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle?
The answer is that: there has to be some form of punishment.
For the woman?
Yeah. There has to be some form.” – March, 2016

“Nobody respects women more than I do” – 28 April, 2016

“Number one, I have great respect for women. I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women, more than anybody in the construction industry.” – 6 June, 2016


























“A young rapper named Mac Miller just did a song called ‘Donald Trump’ and I’ve just been told it hit over 54 million… 54 million people. I want some money, Mac. Give me some money. I’m entitled to 25% at least. Mac, I want money!” – 20 April, 2012

“I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.” – 14 October, 2012






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