My First CutiePieMarzia Subscription Box – Fall 2016

So let’s get back to beauty.

After my time away in Scotland, I arrived home to a box I have been waiting for for a very long time, by CutiePieMarzia. Marzia Bisognin (aka CutiePieMarzia) is an Italian beauty and lifestyle YouTuber based in the UK, known for her cute, quirky style and for being the partner of Pewdiepie, the owner of the most subscribed to channel on YouTube.

Marzia is multi-talented, hosting not only a massively successful YouTube channel, but also working as an author, fashion designer, blogger, interior design student and has dabbled in other things too, such as collaborating on designing subscription boxes before creating her own.

This subscription box is quarterly, so you pay quarterly and receive a box quarterly. It’s more expensive than other boxes, but you get a little bit more in it. You can either chose the ‘regular’ box at 29 USD, or the “V.I.M” [very important Marzipans?] box at 89 [???!!!!].

One of the things that I do find perplexing about this subscription is that is hosted by ReelStyle, which operates out of Canada, I believe. Marzia lives and works in the UK, and the shipping of this box is dependant on country, which to the UK is 20 USD on top of the box price. That means it costs about 40GBP per quarter including shipping. It’s pricy.

I have had a problem with being double billed by Reel Style too, so at the minute I’ve paid about 80GBP for one box, which I’m not pleased about. I’m currently awaiting a response.

Anyway, did want to try this out for myself, and there can be anticipated problems with everything in life, so I’m not going to fret too much right now. Let’s just get on with cracking open the box.


This is the outside of the box, and products are directly inside. There’s no interior box like you might get with Glossybox or Birchbox, for example. I have however seen this before with Wantable boxes, which I experienced no problems with shipping-wise in the past.



As you can see, on opening, there are a lot of products in the box, which makes a nice change to a monthly subscription, but you would definitely expect that for what you pay for this.

So as I do with my other subscriptions, I’m gonna go through one by one with links to the products.

IMG_2774 copy.jpg

Caolion O2 Sparkling Blackhead Soap (RRP approx. £13.13)

I can’t find much info about Caolion as a company, but I gather they are a Korean beauty company, which I know Marzia is fond of.

The soap reminds me of Liquorice Allsorts, and I think it smells like them too. I actually hate those sweets, but I am really looking forward to trying this out. As you might have seen, I do have problems keeping my skin under control and have never tried a charcoal mask before, so I’ll see how it goes.


Derma-E Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid (RRP approx. £11.08)

Hydrating mists are something I’ve seen before but have never tried, simply because I’m a little confused as to what they actually do. According to this Derma-E one, you spray this over “your face, neck or wherever skin is dry and thirsty” to “cool, refresh and moisturise skin”. Apparently you can also use it to set your makeup.

I’m super into the fact that it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free, and it smells really lovely. Considering my skin is really dry, it will be interesting to see if this has an effect.


Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast (RRP approx. £12.31)

At first this appears to be a dry shampoo, but I don’t think it is. I think it’s a specific volumising style product. Often these come in the form of dry shampoos, which is why I think I might be getting confused.

I haven’t used this on my hair yet, but the reviews for it via Sephora are great. On a quick spray just on my arm, there’s no chalkiness that you get with a dry shampoo [if that’s what you use for volume currently], but it does have a very strong smell. The smell isn’t necessarily bad, it’s like a perfumed hairspray, but just quite strong.

So far these products seem to be specifically targeting needs I want met beauty-wise, and this one is on the mark.


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara (RRP for this size approx. £6.88)

At first, I was really excited to see this mascara included in the box. It’s a mascara I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and maybe I will have some success based on the fact that I ended up hating the Better Than Sex mascara I received last month in my GlossyBox. I said it was good in that review, but it dried out very quickly, and did not live up to waterproof expectations.

However, I am trying to evolve into using only cruelty-free products, and Benefit are kind of a gray area when it comes to this. According to their website they, “do not test on animals”. However, their products are still sold in China, so this seems contradictory.

I will test it out in the hopes of it being cruelty-free, but if someone could give me more insight in the comments, I’d be extremely grateful!

IMG_2778 copy.jpg

Shangpree S-Energy Cleansing Gel (RRP for sample approx. £0.53)

There’s not much to say about this really as it’s a diddy little one-time use sample.
It’s a cleanser from a Korean-based company I know nothing about.

IMG_2779 copy.jpg

Yum Earth Fruit Snacks (RRP approx. £0.66)

Another item there’s not much to say anything about. I think it’s a cute little addition to the box to put something different like this in here, but I have had these and they’re not particularly nice, to be honest.


Palmer’s Ripe Mango Flip Balm (RRP £4.99)

One of the products I am super delighted with! I love cocoa butter, I love mango, and I love this cute little lip balm. It’s obviously very reminiscent in style to the EOS lip balms, but rather than having a lid, this one flips over so the lip balm is on the underside of the lid. It’s a cool little concept.

The lip balm itself smells and tastes amazing, and I think I’m going to have difficulty not just using a ton of it over and over again just to smell it.

IMG_2782 copy.jpg

Yes To Cucumbers Calming Paper Mask (RRP approx. £2.45)

Yes To is a company I’ve heard lots of good things about recently, and I’m excited about trying one of their products for the first time. The company bases its product ranges on your skin type, with Yes To Cucumbers being for sensitive skin.

I’d seriously recommend checking out their website as it really is quite cool how they have such a wide range of products which fall under food groups.

I’m still learning to get on with sheet masks, so I’ll see how this one fares on my skin.


Paul & Joe Moisturising Foundation Primer (RRP for this size approx. £8)

Can I just say, I loooove Paul & Joe product packaging. Their beauty products are all so vintage and feminine, while being very soft and pastely.

Even for s sample, the bottle for this primer is beautiful. The product itself I haven’t used fully, but a swatch on my hand reveals it to feel really luxurious and silky on my skin. It also appears to be a little pearlescent. My one concern is the smell. It smells gorgeous, but I am worried about whether this means it’s heavily perfumed and will react negatively with my sensitive skin.

I am really looking forward to using this!


Fuzzy Pink Earrings

There’s no company associated with these, however I love them. They are so cute.

However, I have just noticed as I’m writing this that they are broken! The pom pom bit is coming away from the backing on one of them, so I’ll be firing out a tweet to ReelStyle in a mo regarding this!


Black Choker Necklace

Another product with no company associated. This one I’m gonna be a little bit harsher on…

These “chokers” are a gimmick. It’s a piece of string. I actually saw a tweet last week about a girl using her shoelace as a choker and getting away with it. That’s all this is.

I’m glad there’s no price associated, but please guys, steer clear of places that sell you these things and get yourself down to HobbyCraft or something.


PopSockets Phone Grip and Stand Customised by Marzia (RRP approx. £8.21)

A product I have genuinely been wanting for a while. One of the problems I have in life is that I have tiny hands. Seriously. Sometimes this makes it difficult for me to hold my phone and text, or take a photo without my hand shaking. I actually am really happy I get to try this!


Valley Cruise Press Retro Record Player Pin by Abby Galloway (RRP approx. £8.21)

Enamel pins are all the rage right now, and something I haven’t gotten into yet, however I’m excited to start! This design is so extremely cute, and I look forward to adding it to my winter coat.


Marzia’s DIY Memory Game and Halloween Movie Picks

These couple of extras received in the box are really cute. I’m sure some people would think they’re a little gimmicky, but if you’re a subscriber of Marzia’s Youtube, then you know that she will have personally picked out these things to go in as things she’s interested in, and I think it gives a nice little personal touch to the box.

Price I paid for the box inc. shipping: £40.21
Worth of products: approx. £76.45

Overall, I have really enjoyed receiving this box and look forward to testing out all of the products inside of it! I’m still looking to resolve my issue with ReelStyle, but hopefully that can be rectified quickly and I can look forward to receiving my winter box, which I’m sure will be here before I know it!

I think if you’re looking for an all-rounder from a box with a variety of products, this might be the one for you, whether you subscribe to Marzia or not.


Kirsten xo



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