Too Faced Melted Lipstick: A Review

So, I’ve had a couple of posts up since the day, but if you read my Birthday Wishlist post, then you may know that it has recently been my birthday!

Well, it was 5 days ago now but I was waiting to get some other backed up stuff out so I could present my birthday makeup. And – as my life usually goes –  the times when you want your makeup to go one way, it decides to go t’other.

But I’m a big girl. I’m… 26…. now. I can deal with the failures I have and move on.

My birthday makeup also provides me with the perfect excuse to post a review up on my first Too Faced Melted lipstick, which I have been wanting to try for aaaages.

(Here’s a better link for my UK peeps – the Too Faced shipping here is INSANE)

IMG_1667 copy

I opted for the shade ‘Fig’, as I thought it looked like a really lovely dusky rose-come-plum colour, and I absolutely love those vintagey kind of shades.

(Aside: I always feel weird calling makeup ‘vintage’ when describing a colour, but you guys know what I mean, right?)

I did swatch this lipstick on receiving it over on my Snapchat (@kirakirst), and was surprised by how glossy it was. Obviously this lipstick kinda breaks the mould in other aspects as well: it’s a lipstick in what appears to be a lipgloss tube, it doesn’t have a doe-foot applicator, but a fluffy applicator directly on the head, and you squeeze the tube to release colour.

I hadn’t actually looked into how this lipstick applied, or its formula, so first application was all new to me. It applies like a liquid lipstick in that it’s a wet, pigmented formula on the lips, but it doesn’t completely dry like one. I guess that’s why I was surprised at its glossiness, though to be fair, it does state “long wear lipstick” and not “matte” or anything.

There was one thing I suspected when I opened this that I found to be true: it’s hard to apply directly due to the fluffy head. You know when you get a doe-foot liquid lipstick where the applicator is just a little too fuzzy and you can’t get a straight line? Yeah, that.

However, I’m still in love with it.

IMG_1746 copy

As suspected, I love the colour. It’s a muted pink-purple and I suspect it’s one of those colours that are just going to work on any skintone.

The pigmentation isn’t 100%. You’re not going to get a very INYOURFACE swipe of colour as you do with many matte liquid lipsticks, and I don’t really think that’s what it’s for anyway. I see this one more as an addition to my “normal” lipsticks, and maybe that’s where the name comes from? That it’s more like a melted version of a tube lipstick.

IMG_1742 copy

In terms of the wear, I have been really impressed.

My pictures here are from my birthday, but I have worn it on a couple of other occasions as well, and it lasts pretty well! On this day, I applied my makeup in the morning and went about my day, and was in the pub with friends until about 5pm that afternoon. I didn’t reapply it at all, however it had faded and I certainly could have done with another application. The faded-ness was not patchy, though: I don’t know if it’s specifically being because I chose a berry-like colour, but it left a nice little stain on my lips which meant that my lack of re-application hadn’t left me looking like a patchy mess.

IMG_1752 copy

My eye makeup was all from the Urban Decay Vice XX Ltd Reloaded palette in the colours Anonymous, Gash, Suspend, Moonstone and Goldmine.

IMG_1753 copy

All in all, I definitely would recommend the Melted range to others, but be aware of whether the formula is what you want and is right for you! In my experience, it is certainly a long-wear lipstick, but it is not a matte liquid lipstick.

Too Faced do actually have a range of Melted Mattes, which are not to be confused with this, however I haven’t tried them (yet!) and so couldn’t confirm whether they would be better for those who prefer a drier and more intense look.

They also have a range of Melted Metals, which I am sooooo attracted to right now, as we all know metal lipsticks are making a comeback – yay! Hello 90s!

What do you think? Have you tried the Melted range? How do you rate it?

Until next time 🙂

Kirsten xo



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