Green & Smoky: A Makeup Look

Happy Friday!

How are we all feeling today? Good? Good.

For the past couple of weeks my part of the world has had a relaunch of Summer and it’s been lovely – albeit surprising – to be in hot weather again. However, today we have woken up to rain, clouds, and a stiff breeze. I believe it’s meant to rain all weekend and all week now: happy birthday to me!

BUT I am looking forward to Autumn. I am a sucker for slightly cooler weather, watching the kids walking to school, buying a new coat, watching Halloween items invade the shops, and snuggling on the sofa watching telly under a blanket when it’s actually dark outside by 7pm. And maybe I’ve had Autumn on the brain, because the look I’m sharing with you today isn’t one I’d usually end up with at all.

I don’t know if this is usual or not, but when I go to do my makeup, I don’t have a look in mind that I want to do. I kinda just gravitate toward colours and use them. But I’m not really a smoky eye kinda girl.
Don’t get me twisted: I love a good smoky eye… on other people. I appreciate them. But I just don’t feel like I particularly pull them off. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear false eyelashes? Maybe you really need that full lash look to make a smoky eye pop. I dunno.

Anywho. On this particular day I found myself gravitating toward dark shades in my Makeup Revolution Parental Advisory palette. Once I had finished up my eyes and my face I felt I needed to lighten and brighten things up, so went for more colour with Lime Crime’s Squash on my lips, resulting in what I feel to be a really Autumnal smoky look.

IMG_1506 copyIMG_1512 copyIMG_1517 copy

Have you peeps had a good summer? Are you all looking forward to Autumn?

Kirsten xo


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