August 2016 Glossy Box Review

So, directly on the back of a not-so-great beauty subscription box review, we have a lovely one.

Four months after first subscribing to my beauty subscriptions, and I’m surprised. I honestly thought that Birchbox would win out in the “battle of the boxes”. Birchbox is quirky and cute, and Glossy is very sleek and pretty. Birchbox just seemed to fit my personality more. But no. I’m cancelling it. I’ve made up my mind, and to be honest, I think receiving this GlossyBox was the final nail in the coffin, because to me, between Glossy and Birch this month, Glossy wins… no contest.

But enough of pitting these boxes against each other. Let’s talk solely about the August 2016 edition of Glossy Box.

IMG_1600 copy

This month’s box is their fifth anniversary box, and they are working in collaboration with designer Rae Feather for the different grey and pink box design, and for one of the items within the box. I had never heard of this designer before, but I do like this grey and pink design, and after checking the stuff on her site, have concluded that she’s pretty cool (if a bit expensive).

So let’s get into what’s inside this box (you can probably see from the previous photo that it’s a good ‘un):

IMG_1601 copy

Spa To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush and Massager (RRP £6.99)

Please note, this doesn’t seem to be available quite yet through the website, which obviously makes me feel very special in receiving an exclusive item 😛

The good: Exciting product, cool massaging bits in between bristles, been wanting to try for a while.
The bad: slightly abrasive on sensitive skin.

I was SOOOO excited when I opened the box and saw this in here. I have been looking at face cleansing brushes for a while now, but can’t afford the fancy rotating battery powered ones with different heads and stuff (the most popular seeming to be Clarisonic). This handheld manual one seems like a perfect introduction to the world of facial brushes for a newb; this way I can test it out and see if it’s right for me before investing in something bigger.

In the interests of giving a fair review, I’ve tested this out today for you. I used it with warm water and a gentle cleanser and was a bit surprised about how exfoliating it is. That might seem silly, I mean, it is a brush. But the bristles were so soft when I felt them dry, that I was surprised at the abrasiveness on my skin.
I don’t want that to seem like I don’t like this product, in fact, I love it. But I have sensitive skin, and so have discovered that I can’t use this at the tops of my cheeks. It’s actually fine everywhere else, and doesn’t feel that abrasive at all, so I must just have particularly sensitive cheeks. Which I never knew. I’m looking forward to using this more and seeing if it makes a difference in my skin, which is particularly bad right now.

IMG_1602 copy

MUA Professional Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £4)

The good: Highly pigmented shimmery shadows in cool tones
The bad: Bad applicator, similar shades

Picking out the “bad” bits of this palette were a bit nitpicky, to be honest with you. MUA are a budget makeup brand, but I have had good success in the past with their lipsticks and nail polishes; all in all, they seem alright for the money. However, I have never tried any eyeshadows of theirs. I haven’t actually used this palette yet, but I did swatch it on my arm. The shades are highly pigmented and soft, reminding me of Urban Decay shadows.
The only things I could pick that were bad about these were that some of the shades were similar to each other (the lightest greys, pinks and blues). It also comes with a dual ended sponge applicator, which I just won’t use. But like I said, that’s a bit nitpicky for a product that seems overall pretty good.

IMG_1603 copy

Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion (RRP £20 for 300ml; approx. £2 worth of product here)

The good: all-natural ingredients, smells divine
The bad: I’ll get back to you

Cowshed is a brand I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about, particularly their spas which offer a variety of treatments using their products (check out this beautiful one in Carnaby, for example). I’m really into the simplistic, rustic yet pretty designs of both their products and their spas. I’d definitely love to go to one, one day. So, I was super excited to see this in my Glossy Box this month.

I used this this morning just over my arms and hands to check it out, and it’s really, really nice. The smell is just divine: it contains lemongrass, ginger and rosemary and makes it so you look a bit weird, as you’ll want to keep sniffing at your skin! It’s made using cocoa and shea butters, too, so it’s not greasy or runny at all, just smooths onto your skin really nicely, and dries quickly while still leaving it feeling nourished.

I’m not a big body lotion person, but I can definitely see myself using this on the daily, and I even mentioned it to my husband this morning (a week before my birthday), so maybe I’ll have some goodies coming my way? 😉

IMG_1604 copy

Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask (RRP £59; approx. £19.67 worth of product here)

The good: paraben free, cruelty free, all-natural ingredients, perfect product, the list goes on…
The bad: some may not like the sensation, and holy price tag!

I saw this product in the box and was instantly happy. I love a mud mask. I don’t have oily skin – it’s actually very dry – but mud masks seem to work really well on me in balancing my skin and removing impurities (I have a lot of spots). My favourites include the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac (which has been around for years – I remember my Mum using the heat one when I was little!) and Lush’s BB Seaweed. However, there’s a new kid on the block, and goddamnit he’s cool.

I have used this product a grand total of ONE time, and I’m already in love. The directions tell you to apply a thin layer, but given the consistency of the product, it’s quite difficult to apply a thick one. I was a little confused, as obviously mud masks are usually very thick, but I went with it. And let me tell you, a little goes a long way.
It feels like there’s some form of exfoliant in there, and also what looks like seaweed. It dries very quickly. The directions give an oh-so-accurate time scale of 7 minutes for dry skin, 9 minutes for normal, and 11 for oily. Normally I’ll leave a mask on for wayyyy longer than I should, but I thought I’d better follow the instructions on this.
I applied, then sat down to do some editing at my computer, and felt it tightening right away. And it was really tightening (I love this sensation, but if you don’t, this might not be good for you, hence the “bad” I have pointed out). Because it dried and tightened so quickly, I didn’t feel like I needed to exceed the time at all. I went to wash it off and could physically see all the pores it was drawing impurities out of. It washed off fairly easily for a mask, and after rinsing my face and dabbing dry, it felt soooo smooth. I followed up with an intensive moisturiser, and am actually having a hard time typing this and resisting the urge to touch my face.

The one disappointment that I personally have here is the price, however if you’ve got a product that you don’t need to use much of and works that well on your skin… you’re gonna have to fork out. As much as it pains me and my tiny budget to say, maybe some things just are worth the price tag.

IMG_1605 copy

Rae Feather Canvas ‘Pochette’ (RRP £20)

Gonna come out and say it: I don’t know why Glossy have put an RRP on something that’s an exclusive to the box. If it can’t be sold anywhere then how can it be priced? But I dunno. I’m not a marketing or sales expert.

Anyway. This is – in my opinion – a super cute freebie of a makeup pouch, and just completely outshines the shitshow of a bag Birchbox have offered up this month.
As I said in the intro, I had never heard of Rae Feather before, but her products are cute, albeit out of my price range, so it is nice to have a little something special and exclusive from a designer.

IMG_1606 copy

[And look at how it fits my products – it’s almost as if it were planned or something?]
Total value of products: £52.66

Overall Opinion:
I am very aware that these reviews are subjective. I am likely to rave about something if it fits my personal tastes. To lots, this box may have been a total flop. But to me, it’s the best one I have received so far. It ticks all the boxes of what I want a beauty subscription to do: give me something I’m lacking, give me something new to try, give me something usually out of my price range, give me something a little extra/special. A very big thumbs up for Glossy from me this month.

What did you guys think of this month’s box? Did you have a completely different experience to me?

Kirsten xo

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