Did I Do a Cut Crease?!

If you’re involved in the beauty world I hope you know what I’m talking about.

The cut crease is an eye makeup look which has become hugely popular with makeup artists and aspiring makeup artists on social media. Originally, I believe, it was a simpler, toned down look used to define the eye by deepening the appearance of the eyelid crease using shadow. Nowadays many people are creating stunning, artistic, colourful cut crease looks, moving away from neutral palettes and making them pop with glitters and eyeliners.

If you want to see some amazing looks featuring cut creases look no further than the Instagrams and Twitters of MUAs, who will often create their own amazing art featuring them. It was these amazing people who first inspired me to want to try this look, as I truly think it looks very cool. One person in particular whose looks I am always coveting is @makeupbyshaniah , who truly is the master of beautiful, colourful cut creases:


[please go follow her to see more of her stunning work.]

If you’ve been reading this little blog of mine or follow me on social media, you may note that I have already tried this once, disastrously.


[no, really]

That time, I was working with very little as I was just getting ~ in to ~ makeup and had very few brushes or tools to work with. I saw a tutorial that suggested using eyeliner, used black eyeliner and rolled with it, ignoring any sort of blending at all, apparently.
I’m not beating myself up over how bad that was. It was my first attempt. I’m growing in terms of makeup skill, and trial and error is what it takes to get places.

Which leads me to this post.

So the other day I’m just browsing makeup twitter and youtube. I go to bed and I have a dream. [yeah it gets a bit weird here.] I had a dream that I did the perfect cut crease. That I knew how to do it and I just did it. And so when I woke in the morning I had the urge to try again. Isn’t it weird how dreams can do that to your psyche?
I learned from the mistakes I made in my first attempt. I used better tools, and…

IMG_1429.jpg copy

Did I do it? Is this a cut crease?!


So it’s not amazing. But I am pretty darn proud of this for a second attempt. In fact, let’s have a gander at the side by side of my first and second attempts:


Now that’s progress. I can deal with that. Whether or not you think this cut crease is shit, you can’t deny that difference.

IMG_1441 copy

I do have to give you some disclosure on this, though. It didn’t last long.
I used a Makeup Revolution palette* [which you will see in most of my other posts because I still don’t have a fantastic makeup collection], and the shadows displaced very quickly. The matte ones weren’t as bad, but I used a shimmer on the main part of my lid and that just went up onto the blend above the crease within a couple of hours.

My takeaway from this, though, is that I don’t think it was my technique that caused it to not last as long, but rather the quality of the products used. That’s to be celebrated, I guess.

IMG_1450.jpg copy

The last time I did a cut crease, I said I would probably never try it again. I don’t feel that way anymore. I am one of those people who gives up when the going gets tough. I fold like a deckchair under pressure. But this has proven to me that I’m not completely shit at this.

As I’ve stated before, I have no high makeup aspirations. I don’t want to be a makeup artist, or a cosplayer, or be the most fantastic in the world at it… I’m just a girl who likes makeup. But hey, maybe I’m getting better, too.

And as I always do in situations where I feel pretty, I went on SnapChat to show off.

IMG_1452.jpg copy

[I actually showed some of the process of this look on Snapchat, so if you’re interested in that you can follow me @kirakirst]

So, yeah.

Maybe I’ll try more of this in the future. Who knows. This has made me bold enough to experiment more. I look forward to it!

Kirsten xo

*MUR have changed their website and I can’t find this palette online anymore.



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