Bronzed & Blue

Good morning beauts.

Today is just a quick look from yesterday which I was pretty pleased with. I’m still playing about with bronzer because it’s something I’m not super comfortable with and not used to using, but I think this turned out not too bad.

IMG_9868 copy

I just bought a new eyeliner from no7 and it’s a different applicator to my current felt pen black liner so that’s gonna take some getting used to when I use it as well, but it’s pretty amazing. It seriously doesn’t budge at all. No cracking, creasing or anything! Will definitely pick it up in other colours when I have the chance to. This one is ‘Sea’ and because of that I used the Urban Decay shade ‘Moonshadow’ on my lower lash line, which matched pretty well.

IMG_9872 copy

Because I wanted the liner to be the focus, I’ve only used Urban Decay ‘Sin’ on my lid for a bit of highlight. I’m also wearing new favourite Max Factor lipgloss ‘Glossy Toffee’ on my lips.

IMG_9875 copy

I’m heading out the minute so don’t have enough time to add my hyperlinks at the minute, but I liked this look so much I just wanted to get this post up quickly to show you guys. I promise to add them tomorrow!

I hope you are all having a beautiful bank holiday and let’s hope for a Sunny afternoon ❤

K xo



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