My Makeup: Lips

So I was thinking I would do something a bit different this week. I’m going to be doing a few posts over the next few days sharing my (relatively small) makeup collection with you.

The reason why I decided to do this is because, as you may have guessed, being creative with makeup is something relatively new to me. I have been wearing makeup since 14, so I have over 10 years of everyday experience under my belt, but that was all I used it for. Everyday wear, switching between products or using stuff I was bought. However, now I find it much more thrilling to seek out makeup, to read about makeup, and to play about with it a bit more.

I’m in no way looking to become a makeup artist. My skills aren’t great and I am certainly no professional. I adore reading the blogs of those of you who are and experiencing that amazing creativity, but I’m not looking to reproduce it myself. I’m just a girl having a love affair with makeup at the minute and sharing that with you guys.

I felt like sharing my current collection with you will help you guys understand what I’m working with at the minute, and then it means anything new I happen to purchase I can write brand new reviews and thoughts on, and you can watch my collection expand with me! Sound cool? Cool. We’ll start today with lips.


Accessorize Lipstick – Really Red

This lipstick isn’t available anymore, and judging from their website, it looks like Accessorize might be moving out of the makeup game altogether. It’s a shame because this is a nice, moisturising tomato red colour. It’s pretty similar, but just a tad more red, to Lime Crime’s Suedeberry.

Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick – Drawn to You

As is Avon’s deal, they are always changing their packaging and formulas when it comes to their makeup, so this also isn’t available any longer in what is known as this shade, although it is pretty similar to the “Wine With Everything” shade that is available. Really nice satin lipstick which is really moisurising. The only issue I have with this one is that it isn’t super pigmented, so takes a few applications to get a good non-patchy colour.

Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick – Flirty Fuschia

Same deal here as it’s the exact same lipstick in a different shade. This one is more pigmented and it a neon fuschia shade which I was too nervous to wear for a long, long time. Luckily I’m out of that funk and have a similar colour in a liquid lipstick from Makeup Revolution which I love. I should try to wear this one more as it will be more forgiving in the heat over the summer, though. Plus, I am really liking that photo… hmm. Looks pretty good.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick – Rouge Soyeux

So, writing this post has made me realise something: I have some old ass lipsticks. This Bourjois one is ALSO not available anymore, which has bummed me out as I loved the Sweet Kiss range and had gone through a few of these and only have two left standing. This one actually only has about 1/2 a cm left on it.
This was my absolute favourite lipstick, before I discovered liquid lipsticks. I still like to use it, which is why it is so used down, but I haven’t been feeling reds lately so it hasn’t seen my face in a while. This is a really true red, but slightly darker, which you maybe can’t tell from my photo. Let’s just get this straight: Bourjois make really fucking great red lipsticks, okay? I’ve linked to their rouge collection because even though I haven’t tried those particular ones, I know they’ll be great.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick – Rouge Sur Mesure

This is the truest non-liquid red lipstick I own. As with the other above, it is just a really great red. These lipsticks apply a bit more matte than the other ones I have discussed above, and they can last a hella long time if you prep your lips properly and line them.

Estée Luader Pure Color Lipstick – Exotic Orchid

Estée Lauder is another company who are always switching up their packaging so that’s why this looks a bit different. Strangely, I can’t find this shade on their website? It looks very, very close to Rubellite, though. Maybe it was just rebranded. I also have Candy from this range, which was bought at the same time, and that’s still there. I haven’t included Candy here as – despite only wearing it the other day – I seem to have lost it! I will attempt to go back and review it when it undoubtedly turns up in a handbag somewhere.
love Estée Lauder lipsticks. I don’t find them particularly long lasting, but they are always highly pigmented, moisturising, and to be honest, they just smell damn phenomenal. Exotic Orchid is a really strange colour to put my finger on – a really reddish, pinkish, plumish, shimmery shade. In any case, I likes it.

Frankie Rose Lipstick – Pink Melon

looooove this lipstick. I actually received this through a Wantable box last year, and was obsessed with it straightaway as I didn’t have anything like it. It’s a pale colour, but it is so pigmented I want to almost say it’s neon. Like a neon baby pinkish coralish colour. I’m great at descriptions, can’t you tell? I can imagine this being an amazing colour on darker/black skin as it would POP so much more than on my pasty ass complexion.
Anyway, it applies pretty matte and stays put for ages. I absolutely love this shade for summer – definitely one that will be coming on holibobs with me.

Pantone Universe Lipstick – 18-1438

This lipstick was part of a Christmas gift set I got along with a chubby stick. It’s a pretty nice dark brick red colour. It applies very glossy but also very patchy. I don’t really wear this much, but it does look good when paired with copper-toned eyeshadows.

Makeup Academy Lipstick – Shade 1

This is a surprising lipstick really as it is so very cheap (it costs one whole British pound!)
It actually applies and stays put really well. The one thing that is very strange about this lipstick is how deceptive looks can be – the bottom of the tube makes it look like a true red, the stick itself is a SUPER dark brick red, but it applies as a plum-toned medium red??? This one I got on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised. Makeup Academy isn’t a company I seek out to buy from, and certainly isn’t the first counter I go to, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to receive it as a present, say. It’s my first time looking at their website and I am admiring that coral though…

lipsticks (1)

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H – Invincible Sable

Ah, onto the liquid lipsticks. My true loves. Obviously these are everywhere now, but I remember back when you could get only a few liquid lipsticks that were made to last – particularly from L’Oreal and Maybelline. I got into wearing liquid lipsticks in about 2008, and I think I started buying Lime Crime in 2012 when they first launched Velvetines and their site was a tiny hard-to-navigate mess. But in the before times, there was Invincible Sable.
Invincible Sable is – in my opinion – the best nude matte lipstick out there. It suits everyone I’ve seen it on. In some lights it looks like a light brown on me, in others, a pale nude. I kind of love that. It even got me through when I failed to pick up Lime Crime’s Cashmere. I just put it on everyday and pretended it was the greige everyone was wearing (it’s not). I wear it most in Autumn and Winter, and I personally think it looks better without the balm (pics: no balm on top right, colour + balm on bottom left). It stays put till you take it off. That’s it. It’s great.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H – Timeless Rosé

Another one of my very favourites. This time because I could literally wear this one every day. It’s just a really nice natural pink “my lips but better” colour which goes with everything. This one actually has some shimmery glitter stuff in it, but it’s actually not really that noticeable and doesn’t make your lips look like a disco ball. I wore this on my sister’s wedding day, and to be honest wish I had worn it on my own as well!
A note on the balm that comes with these: it is so nice just to use on its own. I often just take these in my handbag just so I can use the balm end because they’re so moisturising.
These lip colours just get full marks from me.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer – Velvet Rebel

On to a company I have quite a few products from: Makeup Revolution. As you’ll see, I currently have 4 of these matte liquid lipsticks. There’s really only one note I have on these: they do the job. Do they last all day? No. But they are highly pigmented colours and only cost £3. They’ll last you a good long while if you prep your lips well and don’t do any eating, but they will flake off eventually. Their colour range is fab, and they do last through light drinking and kissing, but they struggle with much more. Perfect if you don’t have a bunch of money to spend and are able to reapply, or for events when you just need a great colour on your lips.
Velvet Rebel is a really dark plum colour and it is gorgeous. I find this one applies quite patchy so need a couple of coats, but once it’s on I love it. I just found out the other day that all Makeup Revolution products are cruelty-free as well, which is a bonus as that is a conscious choice I have been trying to make recently, and will be going forward.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer – Keep Trying for You

Keep Trying for You is a true pillarbox red, and it’s really really pigmented. Like, you could think that you literally painted your lips. My problem with this one is that I find it has the worst formula for staying put, and I find myself taking this off much sooner than the others. It’s a great dupe for Red Velvet, but the price does reflect the quality.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer – What I Believe

What I Believe is my favourite of the MUR liquid lipsticks, as it is the most wearable. It’s a baby pink colour and seems to have the best formula of the bunch as it lasts me the longest when it’s on.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer – You Took My Love

I spoke about this shade a little in this post – it’s very similar to Pink Velvet but obviously not as long wearing. It’s super vibrant and pigmented and definitely a statement one.

lipsticks (2)

Pantone Universe Stick – 18-1433

As with the lipstick, I got this as part of a gift set so it doesn’t seem to be sold individually. It appears on sight to be the same shade as the lipstick, but it’s extremely desaturated. It’s really moisturising and great to carry round like a tinted lipbalm. Excuse me for using the phrase twice, but it’s a “my lips but better” kind of colour. Not great for actual makeup looks, but good for everyday use.

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm – Demure

I love these sticks that Revlon does, both in a matte and shiny version and keep meaning to buy more and forgetting! Demure is a glittery finish stick which goes on very balmy. The best thing about these are that they smell minty, and they are quite tingly on the lips – in a good way! This shade is great for peachy/summery looks. The colour is a little pinky peachy but it’s mainly just shimmery.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm – Elusive

This is one I actually bought for my wedding, and is a really vintage-rose kind of shade. I really wish I had have worn either this or my L’Oreal on the day as it’s a beautiful colour with a nice matte finish (I had a change of heart on the day and went for a dark plum!). This one is really nice in its finish and is like the lacquer balm in that it smells minty. I just like this one a lot, okay?

lipsticks (3)

Lord & Berry Ultimate Lipliner – Vintage Rose

This is another product I got in a Wantable box last year, and I love the shade of this pencil. It goes really with the Revlon Elusive Matte balm, and my L’Oreal Timeless Rosé. It applies fine, but lipliners aren’t really my forté to be honest.

Three Custom Color Specialists Lipliner – Warm Red

This was yet another one from a Wantable box. It’s a brick red colour, and it’s great for red lipsticks, however it’s reaaallly dragging to get on. The formula is difficult to work with, but I’ll use it as it works okay (you know I’m a cheapskate).

lipsticks (4)

Stila Lipglaze – Creamsickle

I love Stila. It’s one of those brands I would look at when I was younger and wish I had the money to buy. As I got older I learned I still love their products, although at the minute this seems to be the only thing I own…
I love the design of Stila packaging, but that’s probably just because I love the font associated with the brand. I have a tattoo on my arm in that kind of typewriter font.
In terms of this lipglaze, it is a bit tacky for my liking, as I’m not a big lipgloss person. It’s great for applying in the middle of lipsticks to plump the lips out, but not one I wear on its own much. It’s not very pigmented, but it does have a lot of glitter in it.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipgloss – Glossy Toffee

This one I got very recently, as you may have seen in some previous posts. For someone who doesn’t like lipgloss much, I really like this one. It isn’t sticky at all, which actually makes it one I’m happy to reapply when I need to. As already discussed, it will be great on holiday and with ~ glowy ~ summer looks.

No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm – Blush Coral

Another newbie, and a good ‘un. The best thing about this one is that it has SPF in it, which is fantastic for someone like me who burns alllll over when exposed to the sun. It’s really, really great. Goes on beautifully even though I hate the applicator (one of those slanted plastic with the hole in the middle dispersing it). You can’t see the colour much in photos, but it does apply with a very subtle coral colour. Looking forward to using this lots more.


And that’s it. Doing this has made me realise that some of these do not get nearly enough attention, so maybe you’ll be seeing more looks using a wider variety of lipsticks soon. I’m also looking forward to expanding my collection with time, and when I have enough money! I have a wee Lime Crime package coming this week 🙂

Hope you enjoyed and are looking forward to the rest of my makeup which is not nearly as expansive as this! My lips are killing me today after taking all these photos yesterday lol!
If you’re in the UK I hope you have a wonderful sunny bank holiday this weekend too 😀

K xo


  1. Awesome collection! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. You should also try Revlon colorburst matte balm in the shade Sultry. It’s my favourite! And after a look at your collection I’m sure you’ll love this shade too 🙂

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