Those Baby Blues

Just featuring a quick look today from yesterday, when I asked my husband to pick out my eyeshadow. Naturally, he went for his favourite colour, which is a pale pastel almost turquoise blue. As with a lot of my palettes, I wasn’t sure of the colour in the pan, but as I started applying it I started to love how it looked.

IMG_9638 copy

I almost veered toward my darker blues for a lid colour so I could do a blue gradient look, but I loved the pale sky blue colour so much that I decided to do a pale almost shimmery white instead.

IMG_9652 copy

I love doing these kind of frosted colours because I think they look so fresh and pretty. Not my usual colours for summer time, but it’s been pretty cloudy here the past few days. Maybe that inspired me?

I also love wearing blue eyeshadow because it makes me feel a bit rebellious. I remember when I was little reading a girl’s guide that said girls with blue eyes shouldn’t wear blue eyeshadow. The only times I wore it then was on stage with dance or theatre, when we would lash on blue eyeshadow and red lipstick before performing. Of course, the venues were always tiny and it was completely unnecessary so everyone looked a bit clownish on the stage.
As I got older I remembered that advice and did the opposite. I had this palette my sister bought me from H&M which had amazing pigmented bright colours in it, and two of them were different shades of turquoise, which I hit pan on before I lost it 😦
I used to wear them with bright red and pink lipsticks when I started bleaching my hair as blonde as I could get it, cutting my fringe myself, and wearing bright pink tights A LOT.
In my early twenties I didn’t wear blue eyeshadow much, or any bright makeup, as I started buying into what was “flattering”. FUCK FLATTERING. It’s a concept designed by society to fit you into a box they deem acceptable. I love my blue eyeshadow with my blue eyes. That’s that.

IMG_9630 copy







K xo


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