Beauty Haul 22/5/16

Aaaaah, is there anything nicer than brand new makeup??

In case I haven’t mentioned in before, I do not have a huge ton of money to spend on clothes and beauty products. This is the reason why most of the stuff you see featured on here is old stock clothing or the same makeup over and over. However today I went into Boots to have a gander and needed just a couple of little bits, and came out with quite a lot.

When looking at the Max Factor stuff, it turned out that if you spent £15 you got a free “Bright Eyed Glamour” set worth £33. Another thing: I am an absolute sucker for a bargain. I decided I needed a couple of bits anyway, so this was a must in my eyes.

IMG_9557 copy

The products I actually bought were the Facefinity All Day Primer and the Creme Puff powder in Translucent.

I hadn’t gone out looking for primer, but I did realise while I was there that my old faithful was running out, and I was attracted to this one as it has SPF20 – not only is this good for me in general due to being so pale skinned, but I’m off on holiday next month so hopefully this will prove useful in the sun as well as my SPF foundation (I detest putting suncream on my face). Having tested it, the consistency was much thinner than expected, but I’m interested to see how it applies seeing as my current one is more like a thick mousse as it’s a pore minimiser.

The powder is just because I was running out.

Now the interesting bit:

IMG_9559 copy

Because I spent over £15 I received the “Bright Eyed Glamour” kit, which includes Eye Luminizer Brightener, Voluptuous False Lash Effect waterproof mascara, and Colour Elixir Lipgloss in Glossy Toffee. The best thing about this? All FULL SIZE products!

The mascara is perfect as I needed a waterproof mascara for holiday. The only waterproof mascara I currently have is the L’Oreal Million Lashes one which I bought for a wedding, however I wasn’t super impressed by it. To be fair, I never really am with waterproof mascaras, however with a quick test of this one it looks to be alright. The wand is seriously massive, though.

After a quick test of the Eye Luminizer, it is very very orange, however using the tiniest bit and the corner of my beauty blender I was able to blend it in really well, and it does seem to make a difference and act as a good primer, too.

I was a little concerned about the lipgloss as I am not a lipgloss girl and it didn’t look at all my colour, however it is actually a really muted slightly glowy shade which, again, will be perfect for holiday. It smells amaaaaazing, too.

One of the things I did go out with the intention of getting was blusher, and I ended up with this:

IMG_9561 copy

As you may be able to see, this is the Barry M Get Up & Glow bronzer, blusher and highlighter palette. It is pretty.

IMG_9563 copy

On the left is the bronzer, the middle and top right are the blushes, and the bottom right is the highlighter.

The reason why I was so attracted to this palette is because you can mix and match and blend together the blushes to get a really peachy glow. My current blusher is far, far too pale for me and I need to use a ton of it to get any colour, and my other creme blush is a more burnt red colour which I prefer to use in the winter. I needed one that was going to give me that ~ glow ~ on holiday and over the summer, and this is it! The bottom blush in particular really reminds me of Nars Orgasm (though I wouldn’t be opposed if someone wanted to buy me that as well 😉 ).

I did a test of these on my face and they are beautiful, but I’m not wearing any base so those photos are not worthy enough to share. I’m also really impressed with the highlighter. Anything that could give me anything even AKIN to the beautiful peachy glow on Danie Vanier is worth it in my eyes!

Here’s a quick swatch on my arm, just to show you they are as nice on skin:

IMG_9567 copy

From top to bottom: top right blush, highlighter, bottom middle blush, top middle blush, bronzer.

All in all, I got 6 products for about £25 – not bad going!

Stay put for future summer GLO’D UP looks lol

K xo


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