Hometown Glory

This weekend I have had my Mum and Nan down visiting me from Scotland. They were only staying for two nights so we’ve been pretty relaxed and enjoying the beautiful weather England has bestowed on us.

On Saturday we decided to have a wander around Gloucester Quays and then a drink at the Docks. After that we went to a garden centre a little way out of town for some lunch and so I could get some stuff to plant out my seedlings I have sown this Spring, as they’re getting pretty big now. It was a beautiful sunny day, only getting overcast once while we were having a drink.

IMG_8839IMG_8843IMG_8844 copyIMG_8846 copyIMG_8848 copyIMG_8855 copyIMG_8858 copy

Once we got home, we pitched Emmie’s new play tent in the garden and while she and her Nana were playing, I did some gardening. I now have all my Courgette and Squash seedlings planted out now it’s warm enough for the soil to be at the right temperature. Emmie also got to pot her own tomato plant, so that’s joined our little garden plant family.

IMG_8859 copyIMG_8862 copyIMG_8870 copyIMG_8874 copyIMG_8878 copy

I hope the weather has been beautiful where you are.

K xo


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