Makeup of the Day: I Can’t Do Cut Creases


Sup guys.

After a few days of doing fuck all and watching way too many YouTube videos I decided to have a play about with my makeup and have a try at a cut crease, which I’ve been seeing absolutely everywhere at the minute.

TL,DR: I suck.

I’m not sure if I’ll practice doing this some more, or just not bother. It’s probably a bit too much for me anyway, even though I think my eyes look a bit bigger which is cool. So really all I have for you today is some photos of me mucking about trying to see if I can get any good photos of this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



One more note: is anyone else freaking out about Lemonade? I wasn’t even that hyped for it coming out but it’s really fucking good.


K xo

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