Quick Review: Garnier Micellar Water

I know, I know, 2 posts in one day! I just had to tell everybody about this after I picked it up today.

This product is hardly new. It’s been on the blogosphere for a while now with plenty of rave reviews, and let me tell you, they don’t sell this stuff short.

I don’t spend a lot of money on skincare. I have a routine that works for me and I usually get the same products gifted to me on my birthday and Christmas, so I never sought this out before. However, today I was in Boots and saw it was on sale, and thought I’d try it.

My skin is super sensitive. I have a lot of redness and dryness, am prone to breakouts, and have psoriasis which appears on my eyes and around my hairline when I’m stressed. Even with sensitive skincare products, I am used to a little bit of a side effect with them. Let me tell you, I did not have that with this. Like, at all.

Here’s me before usage, still rocking the same makeup from my post earlier today, though a little worn from being out and about.

When I opened the Micellar water the first thing that struck me was that it does not have a scent. Like, at all. It really is just like water. I wasn’t sure how much of it I would need, but it soon became apparent that I put a bit too much on my cotton pad. You really need hardly any of it, so I can definitely see it getting the 200 uses it promises on the bottle!

I started working it into my eye makeup first, as I usually do when removing my makeup, and it was just swiping away!

I use three different products on my eyebrows, and I found that they started “gunking” up a bit as I rubbed them, but it still came off perfectly with a little bit of rubbing.

It ended up taking me just 2 cotton pads to do my whole face!

You can see from this photo how problematic my skin can be, but right now it feels super clean and fresh: something which I never would have expected to achieve with one product!

I didn’t wear any primer today and was wearing a light foundation, so I’m not sure how well it would work with them, or maybe a waterproof mascara. It may be that for heavier eye makeup I stick to my usual oil-based no7 eye makeup remover, however this is an amazing every day cleanser, especially for its price.

Usually I get some tingling in my psoriasis in my eye when removing products, but I didn’t feel this at all, even when rubbing that little bit harder to remove my mascara and brows, which is fantastic.

All in all, well worth it for the money!

K xo


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